Most authors have pretty serviceable bios, but when you read Sophia Nash’s, she sounds like she could star as the heroine in her own romance novel!

She's got an international background--she was born in Switzerland and raised in France--and she counts among her ancestors an infamous French admiral who traded epic cannon fire with the British royal navy. She's also an expert equestrienne, even serving as the Executive Director of the Washington International Horse Show.

In Sophia's third novel for Avon, LOVE WITH THE PERFECT SCOUNDREL, the twice-jilted Grace Sheffey has given up on love until she is saved from a carriage disaster by Michael Ranier. He proves to be a man of many secrets, ones that could put Grace's life in danger.

Sophia's got a lot of fun stuff up on her website, including “Sophia's lexicon of slang” (a glossary of Regency terms and phrases) and a blog called “Scandalbroth”--you can check them out HERE.


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