I Need TV (by Miranda Neville)

Esi asked me to write something so I looked over the past month or so of posts to see what’s a hot topic on the Avon blog. Since my first book just came out (NEVER RESIST TEMPTATION), maybe I should contribute profound reflections on historical romance or Regency research, yadda, yadda, yadda...

No thanks. I want to talk about TV.

Wendy Lee used to watch "thirtysomething" (when she was twelve, shudder). I still miss that show. Those people were my friends. Even now, I feel a shock of recognition when I glimpse one of the actors in something. There's Michael! (or Nancy or Melissa).

The only series I ever loved as much was THE WEST WING (even though they insisted on calling Elliot "Danny".) What's Obama's problem that he hasn't hired Josh and Toby to work in his White House?

Lately, I've had trouble committing to TV. I've flirted with Reality--the first season of SURVIVOR, TOP CHEF, and PROJECT RUNWAY. Especially the last. The contract dispute between Lifetime and Bravo makes me madder than a bonus to a bailed-out banker. Memo to Harvey Weinstein: we don't care what channel it's on, give us our Tim Gunn.

When I need a TV fix, there are Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, old movies, and LAW AND ORDER reruns. But I want to fall in love. I want the thrill of anticipation before the weekly date. I want a relationship.

SWF, desperately seeking something on television she can't live without. Suggestions, introductions, and blind dates eagerly considered.


Blogger Erika said:

The West Wing is my all time FAVORITE series (next to Buffy)! I love how Santos, with his Hispanic background and young family, is basically Obama. The show was ahead of its time!

But I know what you mean about not having a good show to watch...I would suggest How I Met Your Mother, though. It's very clever, and the characters are quite likeable. Plus, it's only 30 minutes. Also, The Big Bang Theory has grown on me.

11:28 AM  

Blogger ESI said:

Ok: so, for sitcoms, I can't recommend anything better than HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER or 30 ROCK. Love love love those shows.
If you're up for DVDs, check out Freaks & Geeks. Cancelled way before it's time (only 18 episodes!) that show is wonderrrrful. I'm sure I'll think of more ideas as time goes by...

11:42 AM  

Anonymous Patsie said:

I also love 30 Rock, a zany good time, and Damages, The Shield, Rescue Me, The Closer, Saving Grace, Project Runway, Mad Men.
On HBO, the Flight of the Conchords,True Blood, Big Love, In Treatment are all good.

6:26 PM  

Anonymous Juliana Stone said:

Man I miss the West Wing. Wittiest dialogue, amazing characters...sigh...they just don't make em like they used to! Since I started writing seriously a year ago I don't watch much television anymore. I did like crying once a week when I watched Cold Case. As of now, I watch True Blood, Supernatural, Smallville and Greys Anatomy. It's like super tv Thursday at my house. What I do miss is a great comedy, like Seinfeld or Friends....I might try How I met Your Mother...I've heard from a few folks it's really good....when's it on?

6:43 PM  

Anonymous Miranda Neville said:

Thanks for the ideas. I shall definitely try How I Met Your Mother. If I get hooked on every suggestion I'm going to turn into a total couch potato

10:32 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

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8:30 AM  

Blogger laparker said:

I think TV is in a creative slump. I loooved "Pushing Daisies" for it's snappy dialogue and smart take on zany characters, but it got canceled. SIGH

Enjoy all the HBO shows mentioned above, but they have short seasons.

The first two years of "House" were best. I still watch for Hugh Laurie, the best actor on TV, but am frustrated this year by the truncated plots of what could be complex stories.

"Medium" is hit and miss. When family is involved as subplot it's quite good.

10:16 AM  

Blogger ESI said:

How I Met Your Mother is on Mondays on CBS at 830 and it is amazing. One of my favorite things on TV is when the writers really pay attention to continuity and HIMYM is excellent at that. Plus, Doogie Howser.

4:33 PM  

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