Five Reasons Why I Want It To Rain This Weekend

Okay, okay, I'm sorry! I'm not wishing ill will on any picnics or barbeques...but don't you ever find yourself almost feeling relieved when the weekend (or day's) forecast might just force you to reconsider any grand plans or a busy schedule?

Here are my reasons for embracing (only once in a great while) a potentially rainy weekend:

1. Guilt: The foundation for my next 4 reasons. When it's gorgeous and sunny out (especially this time of year), I feel almost a moral obligation to go outside and enjoy it. This weekend, this nagging feeling would be sure to get in the way of my hermit-like plans.

2. My new BUFFY addiction: I admitted on Monday's blog to my discovery of the wonders of BUFFY. This weekend, I intend to get reacquainted with my couch and remote, and watch obsessively. If it's sunny out...well, see reason #1.

3. Wouldn't you rather it rain now than in July? Okay, so maybe we can't bend the rain gods to our will. But I'm willing to trade rain in May--to help flowers and trees bloom--for blissful sun on a summer beach day. Besides, can you think of a better time for people to be staying at home? (i.e., not catching or spreading any Swine Flu--excuse me, N1H1--germs) I mean, really.

4. My apartment is a mess: After two solid months of having an event or visitors each and every weekend, my home could use a little pick me up. If it's warm and glorious, there is very little chance you'll find me inside vacuuming up the dust bunnies that have grown to unfortunate proportions under my bed.

5. A good book or two (or three): This weekend I not only have several submissions I'm quite excited to read, but also a whole list of books I just can't wait to dive into. Dear readers, let me ask, what is better than curling up with a mug of tea (coffee or cocoa) and letting yourself discover a new favorite author? If it does in fact rain, and you're scrambling for something new to devour, why not give fantastic new writer Jocelynn Drake a try. Her second title DAYHUNTER came out just this week. (Hey, what can I say, I'm on a paranormal kick...)

Anyone with me on this "rainy day being okay" thing?


Blogger Barbara said:

I agree, it's always nice to have a rainy day to curl up and read a good book. I don't have to feel guilty about not going out and working in the yard or getting my exercise, I have a great excuse to stay in and enjoy some relaxation. Of course that doesn't excuse me from housework, but I can usually think up an excuse for not doing that.

1:29 AM  

Blogger Evangeline said:

I'm with you! I've been using the rain to catch up on books I've been putting off reading. Something about the patter of raindrops against the window, roofs and cars is so relaxing.

3:56 AM  

Blogger Small Footprints said:

Yep ... I'm with you! When it rains, I can be lazy and blame it on the weather. When it's nice ... it's like ... well shouldn't we be out enjoying it or something? It's nature's way of giving us a day off!

Small Footprints

8:52 PM  

Blogger sundcarrie said:

I read this post a few days ago on a break from gardening. I had tons of work to do on the first real nice weekend. Yesterday I was happy to see the rain so I could rest. Have fun reading!

11:18 AM  

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