I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the amazing Susan Boyle perform on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT. But, if you haven’t, please do yourself a favor and watch this clip. It will make you cry in a good way!


Her performance struck a chord because it truly was so unexpected. When frumpy looking Susan appears on stage, you can feel the audience’s and the judges’ disdain for her. They expected her to embarrass herself horribly but then this amazing voice comes out of her and everyone goes nuts as they realized what could have been a horrible moment became something wonderful and magical. Since then, all the media coverage has been about never judging a book by it’s cover, something that comes up a lot, actually, in the book publishing business. Check out this awesome website.

My favorite is “Virgin Heat”!

Have you ever decided not to buy a book, especially from an unknown author, because the cover was off-putting? If so, which book was it? Or is the back cover copy, despite an awful cover, the main reason you’ll buy a book?


Anonymous Carl said:

But... but I always look at the covers first. Those attrack my attention will probably get me to open my wallet. Now granted, if Susan Boyle's face is on the cover, it will get my attention too. I just need to find out what the hell is going on with the book.

11:26 AM  

Blogger Scotty said:

i think maybe the whole susan boyle thing ( which is an amazing story) is representative of the change in how music is marketed and sold... twenty-five (!) years ago, music was sold by radio and album covers not how an artists necessarily looks... nowadays the emphasis is on (in mainstream/pop music) how sexy or attractive the artist is...


12:11 PM  

Blogger J Perry Stone said:

Back cover copy matters. Front cover, not so much, but the combination of front and back cover caca could kill my desire stone dead.

...unless there's a terrific cover quote from a respected author to counteract it.

I can't tell you how many books I've bought where I didn't know the author (and the cover made me want to hide it under duct tape), but the cover quote came from my must read. In fact, I wish there was a list where I could cross-reference my must reads with the quotes they've given to the I-now-need-to-go-get reads.

A great writer's opinion of other great writers matters to me.

12:46 PM  

Blogger J Perry Stone said:

And BTW, I thought the whole Susan Boyle story was so sweet. I just love an unlikely heroine.

3:27 PM  

Blogger Patricia Rockwell said:

I typically ignore the art work on the cover because it's probably going to be misleading in some way. I note the title and then the back cover copy. If the story line appeals to me, I will buy the book.

4:43 PM  

Blogger Dorothy said:

I love the story and I so wish her enormous success.

Dorothy from grammology

7:50 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I look at covers , read the back cover and decide... lately if ther e is a red head on the cover FORGET it!!I can't abide redhead, "fiery" heroines any more... Suzanne Enoch's book which I was sooo look forward to, she is one of my fav. authors but even that, it will be hard to by that book, Im not sure I can do it.. Tal

5:13 PM  

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