Tomorrow, Tessa and Pam will be donning their vampy fangs and witchy hats (respectively) to head down to the RT Booklovers Convention in Orlando, Florida. It's a crazy/wild con--where fairies and fey mix and mingle with author and romance readers alike. If we remember correctly, there are even half-dressed cover models roaming the halls. We'll try to keep our respective virtues intact!

There are two major highlights to our trip down to the RT Booklovers con: first will be an exciting "live" Romance Radio event--direct from Orlando-- featuring some of our top Urban Fiction and Paranormal Romance authors. We're calling it "Romance Radio's Paranormal Party".

We're going to spirit away conference attendees Jocelynn Drake, Jeaniene Frost, Terri Garey, Pamela Palmer, Jamie Rush, and Kerrelyn Sparks. After we find a secluded, shadowy spot, we'll talk about what's hot--and not--in otherworldly reading!

So, we'd love to invite any reader/fan who hasn't made the pilgrimage to Orlando to c'mon and get supernatural with us. It'll be a real virtual party. Everyone can listen live tomorrow, April 23 at 2pm EDT online HERE, or call in with questions for your favorite authors: (347) 826-9686.

When the fur has finished flying from the paranormal party, we're going to let our shanghai'ed authors freshen up, reapply a fresh coat of crimson lipstick, and get ready to party at Avon's Dusk to Dark party, a lively happy hour event (featuring tropical drinks and snacks galore--everything...and going to have a little bite), where we will give RT Booklovers Con attendees exclusive access to some of top Avon and Eos paranormal romance/urban fiction authors, and sample their newest books...some of which aren't even on shelves yet! And, we are excited to tell everyone that HarperTeen's own Melissa Marr will be joining our featured authors.

We're sure we'll have news to report--but hope you can join us for some metaphysical fun tomorrow. If you aren't actually in Orlando, we know you'll be with us in spirit for Romance Radio!

Tessa & Pam

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