Rachel Gibson's newest book, TRUE LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS , is on sale now. You must buy it. You must read it.

But this is just an excuse to write about wedding disasters, which doesn't have much to do with this book, which is about an ex-Playmate who gets involved with a hockey player.

But every now and then we get to talking about wedding disasters, and some of them are pretty funny. So, with that tenuous a connection, here are my favorites. Names have been changed to protect innocent.

First, one my friends and I call "Fists of Fury: Fiona's Wedding", where the bride's father got into a shall we say "physical altercation" with the best man...and it was all captured on video tape for future viewing by the embarrassed bride and groom.

I also have twice seen bridesmaids pop out of their strapless gowns while doing enthusiastic dancing. This, and not my inclination for modesty in a church, is what makes me protest at the strapless trend. This might be a look that the ushers will continue to push for, but trust me friends, it's better for all concerned if sleeves are involved.

Heard about the groom who passed out cold while reciting his vows? This comes from a reliable source, so I believe it's true. This should have been taken as a sign, however, unfortunately, he was revived and the ceremony continued.

I attended a wedding deep in the woods of New York State where a friend of the groom decided it was time to lay down--so, in one fell swoop, he pushed everything off his table and then proceeded to pass out atop the table. (This is also a wedding where the grandmother of the bride was escorted down the aisle wearing a corsage with her t-shirt and jeans. I don't quite know what I was doing there.)

And, one of my all-time favorites that we still talk about today, a dear friend from college was finally marrying the girl he'd been waiting for all his life. There was a lovely church wedding followed by a charming, low-key reception...until the very end when the band wrapped up and the lead singer, forgetting the mike was ON, announced, "OK, let's get the (expletive) out of here." A call went out for smelling salts for the ladies.

I think there are other stories out there. Please share them with me! I'm just back from vacation and need a diversion.


Blogger Erika said:

I was a bridesmaid at a wedding where, in between the ceremony and reception, the wedding party went to a park so the photographer can take pictures. After, the nice groom helped the bride and her ladies back into the limo to go to the hall, and his groomsmen, thinking the nice groom would be hitching a ride with the ladies, took off without him. It wasn't until we reached the hall a good 45 minutes later that we realized the groom was still at the park.

9:21 PM  

Blogger Leslie said:

haha, awesome! I*m getting the book!

10:47 PM  

Anonymous Lisa Olech said:

When I got married, I decided I didn't want a limo to take me to the church, I wanted a Rolls Royce. It was a beautiful antique Silver Shadow. Being fairly close to the church, and the seating within the car was limited, the driver took my bridesmaids down first and returned for my father and I. Everything was running smoothly until it was time to seat the Mother of the Bride and it was discovered that the car had failed to go back to the house for her. Eighteen months of painstaking planning for her only daughter's perfect wedding, and my mother ended up being driven to the church in a........Winnebago!

4:25 PM  

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