Armed and dangerous -- Michelle Style!

I read in an article in the New York Times that women are showing up in gyms all over the country, asking their trainers to give them Michelle arms. She is sculpted, but we all notice it because she's so stylish and she knows how to play to her strengths.

It may not be so easy to get those "pipes" as we gym rats call them (or "pipecleaners" as my husband calls my skinny arms...), but we can all benefit from our First Lady's fashion sense. She supports young designers as well as the classics. The most beautiful thing of all is that you can head to Target, J. Crew, and H&M to enhance your wardrobe. Michelle Obama really is a First Lady for us all (and in so many ways other than fashion, but that's for another blog).

Hurry out and pick up a copy of MICHELLE STYLE. It was just published yesterday, so you could still be the first one on your block to show off your stylin' new self.

This book is worth it just for its amazing design quality. It's as much fun to look at as it is to learn from. And, then, you get all the priceless advice, too. What are you waiting for??


Anonymous Juliana Stone said:

The book looks Fab! But then again, does Michelle ever look anything but totally put together?

8:58 AM  

Anonymous Carl said:

Now, that's a very nice dress for Michelle. Remember that bloody dress she wore on the night her husband won the election? I thought she murdered Sarah Palin at the backstage and got her blood all over the dress. She had no time to change and just wore that damn bloody dress on the stage to celebrate.

9:54 PM  

Anonymous Online Payments Info said:

I like her too. Great body and fashion taste.

1:55 AM  

Anonymous Laura Castoro said:

My copy's on order!

It's such a pleasure to see our First Lady out and about in D.C., and every other place, looking fresh and professional and accessible. Everywhere she goes, children smile and hug her, and hug again. They know the genuine article when they see one!

Go on, Mrs. O!

1:55 PM  

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