I read a great line on Facebook: It was said if the US ever elected an African American president, pigs would fly. 100 days after his election, swine flu. Oh, those clever pigs.

And, that made me remember way back when an author of mine proposed a Regency historical in which the hero was a pig farmer. Certainly original!

Do pigs like heather? They probably prefer corn, but if you love heather, and misty moors, and men in kilts, get yourself a copy of New York Times bestseller Karen Ranney's A SCOTSMAN IN LOVE, on bookstore shelves now.

She is such a lush, passionate and wildly romantic writer, and in this new masterpiece, she brings together two lost souls whose desire tests their resolve and cannot be denied. It's stormy, intense and just fantastic.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous, I can't help but share this little video. It's not pigs, but it is sheep, and it is Scotland (maybe), so there you go. Enjoy!

Pig farmers or shepherds for heros? Maybe? Maybe not. What other unlikely heros might you like to see in a romance?


Blogger Erika said:

I'd take a vampire over a pig farmer. No offense to anyone.

8:50 PM  

Blogger Pam P said:

Lol, Erika, same here.

Aside from pigs and farmer, Karen's new book is one of the best I've read this year. A wonderful, character-driven romance, two lost souls who need to find hope and joy. One of Karen's best I'm recommending to all my friends.

10:55 PM  

Blogger snoyl said:

Maybe a story about a janitor or a postal worker could be interesting.

7:16 PM  

Blogger Evangeline said:

I'd take a pig farmer over a vampire, lol. He's warm and lusty. The vamp might try to eat the pig!

8:55 PM  

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