As a kid I loved Memorial Day.

Every year, our town would have a parade, and, even better, it meant that summer vacation was not far away. So, today, I thought it might be good to take a few moments to salute the many men and women who served in the United States Military, including both of my parents.

My dad was in the Army during the Korean War, and my mother was an Air Force nurse, stationed in San Antonio, TX. You could say dad was more reluctant to serve--I'm pretty sure a letter beginning with "Greetings" corralled him into the army.

But, even though I'm pretty sure she worked until she dropped, mom told me she loved her time in the air force. (She once told me she was the only nurse in charge of a ward of 100 men!) I share here a picture of her in front of her quarters in 1951.

So, while we're enjoying our day off, let's take a moment to remember the men--and, yes, the women--who served.

Happy Memorial Day!


Blogger Over The Top Aprons said:

What a lovely tribute to your family and all of our service men. We must never forget it was their commitment that gives us our freedom.

10:12 PM  

Blogger Daryl Campbell said:

Love that picture.

7:05 PM  

Blogger Erika said:

Great picture!

8:50 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wonderful Tribute, and thank you for sharing a picture of your mom. What proud patriotic couple they were.

My husband's grand-dad fought in WWII, and was wounded, earned a purpal hard. He was on Omaha Beach.

8:29 AM  

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