"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Every summer, the Avon Editors attend the Romance Writers of America conference which provides us the perfect opportunity to mingle with authors, reviewers, booksellers, and agents. This year, it's in Washington, D.C., which is just the perfect place to host authors from across the country (and a few from Australia).

I always look forward to RWA because it gives us an opportunity to think about some of the things our imprint has achieved since the last time we all met. Authors new to the bestseller list, authors with new series, authors who are nominated for awards as well as brand new authors to the list.

Every day, I feel so lucky to have this job where there is always something new to think about: new online opportuntities (like our microsites for authors), our blog (of course), our ever changing approach to format (BLACK SILK by Judith Ivory coming in a beautiful trade format), new approaches to cover design (Thank you, Mr. Art Director!). Plus, I am constantly amazed at all the things my authors do both book-wise and otherwise. Eloisa James has an amazing column for B&N.com and Susan Elizabeth Phillips bungee jumped!

Obviously I'm just one editor, but some things I am celebrating this summer:

Eloisa James.

Two fabulous books.One is Villiers' Story! It's actually my favorite Eloisa James book--ever!

Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

She had two books out this year--a hardcover WHAT I DID FOR LOVE and a rewritten version of GLITTER BABY.

Loved them both!

Sarah Maclean. New author! She has written a YA book for Scholastic, but look for her historical romance to come.
Margaret Carroll's A DARK LOVE and RIPTIDE.

I hope to see people at the Literacy signing! Looking forward to meeting all those writers who make dreams come true!


Anonymous Juliana Stone said:

I'm looking forward to meeting my lovely new editor, Esi and the rest of you fab Avon women!

8:39 AM  

Blogger Sarah MacLean said:

I can't wait for my first RWA--I'm so excited to be a part of the fab Avon team! (And thanks for the shout out, Carrie!)

10:10 AM  

Anonymous Laura said:

Your post reminded me of when I use to belong to RWA back in the 80's. I entered their writing contest for three years and of course never won. I did get great feedback on my writing and was so honored to be a part of the process.

10:54 PM  

Blogger Margaret Carroll said:

Hi Carrie, I'll be there in spirit...wave when you pass my alma mater in Foggy Bottom, GWU (I loved it so much I chose it as the setting for A DARK LOVE).
P.S. Were you really blogging at 3:30 a.m.?

9:23 AM  

Blogger Ruchi said:


I came across your blog, through the entrecard widget. Although I'm more of a political/humanist writer, I do love to read poetries and love ballads. Loved this site!! :)

And even though I am not much of a love/romance writer I have a few poems and short stories to boast. My fav is: http://esobeso.blogspot.com/2009/04/last-kiss-goodbye.html


2:17 PM  

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