by Toni Blake

What’s more fun than being an author? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s being an author in a time when there are so many new, innovative ways to spread the word about books!

When Avon invited me to write a series for them, I couldn’t have been more excited, and thus was born the Destiny series, set in the quaint small town of Destiny, Ohio--and the first book, ONE RECKLESS SUMMER has just come out!

So color me delighted when my talented assistant, Lindsey Faber, suggested we work together on some fun videos about Destiny. The results are:

This lovely series trailer featuring music by Marty Casey, the runner-up on ROCK STAR INXS, and which I feel truly captures the very heartwarming yet super sexy feel of Destiny.

And this short interview with me about everything readers can expect to find in Destiny, and in ONE RECKLESS SUMMER.

This is the first time I’ve written a series and I’m loving the experience of creating characters who readers will get to revisit in future books, as well as building the backdrop for their stories, a cozy town where all the girls get together to chat about their love lives and lots more at Under the Covers, the bookstore on the town square.

In Destiny, you’ll find pastel cottages, picket fences, canoes on the lake, an idyllic apple orchard, and even the perfect dress shop. Not to mention lots of hunky alpha guys--including a cop, a fireman, and a couple of the baddest bad boys I’ve ever written (and my long time readers know I do like to write bad boys.)

To learn more about Destiny or read an excerpt from ONE RECKLESS SUMMER, visit my website at I hope these video tidbits have tempted you to pay a visit to Destiny by picking up a copy of ONE RECKLESS SUMMER.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you love about series. What are some of your favorites, and why?


Blogger Manda said:

Hi Toni! Can't wait to get acquainted with the folks in Destiny! Sounds like you've had great fun creating this small town and the people in it.

I've been a fan of series for a while. There's something about a really well developed world in a book that makes you want to stay there for as long as you can. Especially when the real world is giving you trouble. Some of my favorites are Robyn Carr's Virgin River series, Jo Beverley's Company of Rogues, all of Eloisa James' books, and Nora Roberts Chesapeake quartet.

Thanks for giving us such tender, heartfelt and fun stories. I love the characters you write and the sense of community you invoke--even in your stand-alones:)

10:22 AM  

Blogger Manda said:

Uh, that would be evoke. Not invoke. Sigh...

10:23 AM  

Blogger Michele said:

Nice interview, Toni! Houston Woods is so lovely I can see how it would inspire you!

10:24 AM  

Blogger Treethyme said:

Toni - I'm frustrated because the mailman hasn't brought this week's new releases yet. I'm assuming the mail is slow because of the holiday, but I have no patience! I'm about to run over to my local bookstore and buy duplicate copies if they aren't delivered today.

You KNOW how much I'm looking forward to ONE RECKLESS SUMMER. You completely hooked me with LETTERS TO A SECRET LOVER. I've got all your other books, too, but that one just got to me. I have a feeling the new book is going to be another winner!

10:31 AM  

Blogger Barbara said:

I love series books and enjoy catching up with old characters from previous books.

Two that come to mind are Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street series...although she has written several series like this. I also love the communities Sheryl Woods creates.

There was also a series of books by an author named Marcia Evanack that was set on the east coast and the books usually came out around Christmas time each year.

I love small town stories where the author creates there own little world.

Can't wait to read One Reckless Summer and visit Destiny.

Toni you write great characters that have the reader galling in love with them and pulling for them to get their HEA. I am looking forward to another great reading experience in One reckless Summer.

10:32 AM  

Blogger Lindsey said:

Thanks for the shout out, Toni - you're always so sweet! Hope everyone enjoys the videos. They were super fun to put together, and we definitely have more in the works.

My love of series has a lot to do with my love of anticipation. Looking forward to new releases is even better when I already have an interest in the characters and have had some hints at the problems and tensions they're going to be dealing with.

10:35 AM  

Blogger Lise said:

I just got my copy today, WOHO! Can't wait to start taring into it :-). Love Marty Casey, did watch Rock Star INX, he was robbed ;-). Lindsey did an awesome job on the videos. Getting my employee hooked on your books Toni. She asked to read it after I'm done, and asked for the other books of yours to pass on.

10:38 AM  

Blogger Erin said:

I agree with the previous poster. I also love series because you get to catch up with characters from previous books and see how their lives are carrying on as well.
I can tell you that I have already bought and read One Reckless Summer and it is fantastic! Toni's books never disappoint!
I have to say one of my favorite series was The Stepp Sisters series by Kathy Love. She is more into paranormal writing now. But that series was a contemporary one.
Congratulations on your new book Toni. I wish you much success with your new series and anticipate the release of your next book in the Destiny series! Now that I've read the first one, I can't wait to read the next one!

10:40 AM  

Anonymous Theresa said:

Toni - I love series books. I can never get enough of good charaters, and you have out done yourself with these. Jenny and Mick are amazine together, and Jenny's friends are great.
You make me want to buy a lake house so I can take my canoe out and read more of your books.

10:50 AM  

Blogger Keri Stevens said:

Actually, I best love it when I come to a series late in the day--after 2-3 books have already been published. Then I get the whole cluster at once and going on a reading binge.

Which begs the question--what am I going to do now? I won't be able to get your book, Toni, and sit on it until the rest are out. I'll just have to suck it up like a "normal" reader, I guess, and take the Destiny books one at a time when they come. *Sigh.*

11:07 AM  

Blogger Jenn Stark said:

Toni, fabulous blog and I am SO excited for this series! I have to agree with Keri, I like coming into a series when I have a few books to catch up on, but with yours I will enjoy savoring the first of what looks to be a long and VERY fun ride!!


11:43 AM  

Blogger Stacy~ said:

This is such a great book :) I think Toni fans will really love it.

I love series. My favorite is Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters & JD Robb's In Death series. They both have a lot of emotion and suspense, and I'm totally caught up in them.

Toni, do you have a favorite series?

11:45 AM  

Blogger Maddie James said:

Hi Toni! Great blog post. I can't wait to pick up One Reckless Summer! Destiny sounds a lot like the Ohio small town I grew up, sorta. :)

Congrats on the release!


1:35 PM  

Blogger WK said:

Hi Toni!!! I can't wait to get started on this series. Great post and Lindsay great videos.

I love series books, some of my favorites? Humm Sherrily Kenyon's DARK-HUNTERS, and her Kinley MacGregor series, Kathryn Caskie's Wicked/Sins series, and ohhh there are tons.


1:47 PM  

Anonymous Toni Blake said:

Wow - I've been out for a while, but how fun to come home and see all these great comments!

I will admit that I've come to appreciate series in a whole new way since starting my own ; ) I'm already looking forward to revisiting with certain characters and and telling their stories.

As for a fave series for me, Stephanie Plum. I know it's not really a romance - and yet, it is ; ) I've also enjoyed some of the Virgin River books (am always behind on my reading), and as a friend of Robyn's, I've loved seeing her skyrocketing success with these books!

2:40 PM  

Anonymous Toni Blake said:

I also wanted to thank you all for all the very kind words about my books : ) It means so much to me to know I have readers who enjoy my work so much! : ) Thanks a ton to you all for stopping by today!

2:41 PM  

Blogger Simone Laurence said:

I am onmy way out to buy it and hope to have an autograph on it after the get-together next week. I am a fan of series romance, too, especially those done by Nora Roberts.
Do you have the whole series down in your head when you sart or do the subsequent books come to you as you write the first one?
Can't wait to meet you.

3:51 PM  

Anonymous Toni Blake said:

Deb/Simone - great question. Actually, when I wrote this first book, I intended it to be a stand-alone story and was contemplating starting a small-town series after that, and had started creating some characters and stories for it in my mind. When Avon encouraged me to make ONE RECKLESS SUMMER the start of the series, I just melded the two concepts together. At that time, I knew who the heroines of the subsequent stories would be, and was beginning to figure out who the heroes were. Since then, my brain has been very busy and I have several more stories in mind for Destiny : )

And thanks a ton for picking up the book and I'll look forward to seeing you at the Cincinnati event!

4:13 PM  

Anonymous Toni Blake said:

Belated reply: Lise, I totally agree about Marty getting robbed on INXS! ; ) And I SO appreciate him letting me use his songs on my videos! (I used one on the video for LETTERS TO A SECRET LOVER last year, too.) He's been very generous, so I hope introducing him to the romance community through the videos might bring him a new fan or two. : )

4:15 PM  

Blogger Laurie D. said:

I'm so excited for this one, Toni - hope to have it in my hands by the end of the day today!

I love reading series because there's the next installment to look forward to. I always regret that very last book in the series though!

4:27 PM  

Blogger Judy F said:

Hi Toni, I can't wait to read this.

Fav series are Lori Fosters Winston men. JoAnn Ross Callahn Brothers series, NorA Roberts has written some great ones.

I love how you reconnect with prevs characters, its like revisiting family.

4:48 PM  

Blogger Tracey Devlyn said:

Hey Toni! Just finished ORS - loved it. Keep 'em coming! The first series I ever read was written by Johanna Lindsey. Awesome.

7:40 PM  

Blogger KAK said:

Cheers to Destiny, Ohio and their yummy alpha males! I'm all sorts of excited about getting hooked on a new series.

(P.S. love the videos)

9:56 PM  

Anonymous Kay Stockham said:

Toni, chiming in late (sorry!) but the new release sounds great! And I LOVE the cover. Your bad boy sounds divine!


7:50 AM  

Anonymous Toni Blake said:

Thanks again, so much, to everyone who stopped by to comment! And thanks a ton for your interest in the Destiny series! : )

8:41 AM  

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