Now, I don't know how many of you know my deep, dark secret but I'm going to take this opportunity to share it with you all now. Up until a couple of years ago, I was a romance novel virgin.

Yes, I know, it's hard to believe, though it's true. But, trust me, that changed pretty quickly once I got my job, especially once a certain coworker, let's call her "Esi", became my romance drug dealer. And let me tell you, my life was never the same again.

You see, Esi has something she likes to call “Romance 101” to help little newbies like me along. On one of my first days, she mysteriously called me into her office. With a glint in her eye, she handed me a book that would seal my fate as a confirmed lover of romance novels.

Esi didn't start me off with just any old romance. No, she knew that to solidify my addiction, I needed to develop a taste for the good stuff. That book? It was DEVIL'S BRIDE which, of course, meant that I immediately had to go out and read all of the rest of the Cynsters and then the Bridgertons and then the Mallorys...Thus was born a romance addict.

The one thing with coming late to romance is that I missed out on many of the “classics” that everyone else seems to have read. I realized that I needed to remedy this situation when one of our summer interns, a HUGE romance fan, was completely shocked and appalled by the fact that I had never read a Judith McNaught. She immediately leant me her copy of WHITNEY, MY LOVE.

So I'm resolved. If I'm going to be a true romance lover, I'm going to do it right. This is where I need your help. What books do I have to read? Be like the perfect reformed rake and gently teach me the ways of an ideal romance lover.


Blogger BaLQiz said:

Get Amanda Quick's Regency Romance. Her Victorian eras are not as good as her Regency's. Highly recommended is Surrender and The Companion.

I'm a big fan of Ms Johanna Lindsey and since you've read all her Malory series, try her Man of My Dream and Silver Angel

There are lots more but I'll let other readers to provide you with the rest

Good Luck!

8:16 PM  

Blogger Erika said:

A late bloomer, but we forgive you.

10:11 PM  

Blogger Tyne said:

Oh Tessa, my dear uninformed boss. So you read WHITNEY, MY LOVE now on to the rest of your instruction. Lets follow in Esi's footsteps and call this Romance 102:For the Intermediate. In order to no longer be deemed a novice in the historical romance division there are certain novels you must read. Chief among them are the following; Julie Garwood's RANSOM and SAVING GRACE, Judith McNaught's KINGDOM of DREAMS and SOMETHING WONDERFUL, and Lisa Kleypas' DREAMING OF YOU and WORTH ANY PRICE. Go forth and enjoy.

11:35 AM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:


Have you read Maggie Osborne's SILVER LINING?


3:41 PM  

Blogger Chatel said:

Meg Cabot did a great post on this a while ago that made me want to pick up a Romance book again...

If the link doesn't work, the key words for the archive search is 'comfort reads' (the title of the post)


4:27 PM  

Anonymous anya said:

wow, reading this post and the comments sure made me miss reading even more, ever since i gave birth reading became a luxury, i wish i have more time to read.

try reading the nightingale and until you, you might like it.

12:39 AM  

Blogger Jessica said:

Julie Garwood was one of the first romance author's I discovered. Boy did I laugh!

9:37 AM  

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