Right now, we're running a contest called "Book in a Bag", which is one of those contests I wish I could enter myself. If I won, then I'd get to have a really nice handbag (which is what my mother used to call a purse).

Sadly, I'm disqualified because I'm an employee--too bad, too, because, while I'll happily drop money on a meal, or a dress, I have a really hard time parting with my cash for a handbag (or purse).

The lucky winner gets a handbag from The Sak (which isn't to be confused with SAKS, as I'd originally thought) filled with current Avon Books. The contest is going on for a year, with a new bag and new books each month.

Be sure to enter!

If I'm reading the entry form correctly, you can try every month, so that's a whole lot of chances to win!


Blogger ChariDee said:

I just entered. I love books AND handbags, what a great combo! I have no problems spending money on purses as they are my one vice (other than books) but winning one would be even better!

11:36 AM  

Blogger flchen1 said:

Wow, that sounds lovely ;)

10:42 PM  

Blogger Sir John said:

"I just had an interesting thought. I think most contest are geared toward the ladies. Now, just hear me out, there are plenty of guys that read romances also. Perhaps a special prize for the guys would be "thinking outside the box" Just a thought.

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Johnny Ray

Sir John

12:29 PM  

Blogger eastcoastlife said:

It's only open to legal US citizens. :(

I'm in Singapore. I would love to have the books.

Good luck to all participants.

2:02 AM  

Anonymous faeryrowan said:

This is a great offer but I'm from the Philippines. Would you consider having contests for international participants sometime soon? :)

Good luck to the participants!

9:48 AM  

Anonymous asithi said:

I hope I win! Thanks for letting us know about the contest.

11:43 AM  

Anonymous Karen said:

Thanks for letting me know about this! I entered.

11:00 PM  

Blogger Lady Skye Fyre said:

I just entered. Thanks!

8:38 PM  

Blogger photoquest said:

what a awesome contest and you get the bag too I am always in need of more books!!

3:43 PM  

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