Avon romance author Kathryn Caskie will be featured on HGTV tonight!

("If Walls Could Talk" Episode on "Tasty Treasures" to Air June 9, at 5 pm)

Kathryn will give a bit of background on how her home came to be featured on national television. She credits two persistent canine archaeologists:

"My house, the James Moore House, is over 200 years and has a rich history, but I think the show was most interested in my canine (Border Collies) archeologists who spend their days unearthing historical artifacts.

Alas, my Chihuahua "Pixie" is the only member of the family who hasn't found anything. But, we keep hoping."

The photo below shows Kathryn with the actor who took part in the Civil War reenactment part of the show.

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Blogger otilius said:

I cracked up when I saw you talking from behind bars. HGTV did a good job on the segment. Wow! You have a really cool house. And a jail on the property! Ha, ha, I bet that can be fun to have.


6:21 PM  

Blogger WK said:

Aww man, I missed it. I don't have cable or sate. Will they rerun it? Or can you find it on the net?


11:34 AM  

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