by Cathy Yardley

Does anybody else watch the show TOP CHEF? It's one of my guiltiest pleasures. One of my favorite challenges is when they give the chefs "traditional" dishes--fried chicken, pork & beans, whatever--and have them reinvent a classic in a new style. It forces them to become wildly creative with something that's ordinary. The limitation is what creates the innovation.

I've always loved fairy tales. (I saw Disney's BEAUTY & THE BEAST twenty eight times. In the theater. Swear to God.) As much fun as the animated movies are, I especially love the original versions. They're deliciously dark, gothic, sexy, scary, surprising.

I knew I wanted to "reinvent" these classics: put them in modern day, but still touch on the recognizable elements. That's how I came up with CRAVE: THE SEDUCTION OF SNOW WHITE. Everyone knows the stories: that's the challenge. How do you do something the same, but make it totally fresh, relevant, riveting, and hot?

I had no idea what a blast answering that question was going to be. This book is the first in a trilogy of "reinvented" fairy tales. I have had the most fun of my life writing them. The next two are RAVISH: THE AWAKENING OF SLEEPING BEAUTY and ENSLAVE: THE TAMING OF THE BEAST. (You can imagine how much I'm looking forward to that one, especially!)

So, I'm posing the question to you: what's your favorite fairy tale, myth, legend? And what authors have written the most enjoyable and fresh interpretations of that story?


Blogger Kathryn S said:

My favorite is Beauty and the Beast too, Cathy! I love the darkness of that one. And the great songs. lol.

BTW, I absolutely love the cover of CRAVE.

12:43 PM  

Blogger Kristina Wright said:

Cathy! I just bought CRAVE yesterday and blogged about it this afternoon! Cannot wait to read it!

I love the darker fairytales that harken back to the Grimm Brothers. I think my favorite is Rapunzel-- held captive in a tower, all that long, silky hair, trysts with her lover... yum!

3:39 PM  

Blogger Cathy Yardley said:

Kathryn -- LOL. The songs were great, weren't they? And it's still funny... I love the Beast! And thanks for the compliment on the cover. I was so lucky to get that. I adore it.

Kristina -- Mmmm, Rapunzel! I'm going to turn in a proposal for that one next (plus the Little Mermaid and Cinderella.) And thanks for mentioning my book on your blog. Apples DO seem to be popular these days, don't they? ;)


4:25 PM  

Blogger flchen1 said:

Ooh, these sound really good, Cathy! Another vote for Beauty and the Beast here--I liked Amy Fetzer's take on it in Taming the Beast. What an eye-catching cover on Crave!

8:44 PM  

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