How Big Do You Want It?
by Lynn LaFleur

Long? Medium? Just enough to satisfy?

How big do you want it?

Of course, I'm talking about book length. You couldn't possibly have thought I was referring to anything else.

Sometimes, a short story is enough. You want to sit down for an hour or two and polish off that fast-paced, sexy romance that makes you want to attack your significant other as soon as you're through reading.

Sometimes, you want something category or novel length that takes a bit longer to read and contains more twists and turns as the plot unfolds, or the hero and heroine slowly fall in love.

Then, there are the times you want to completely immerse yourself in a long book. It could be women's fiction, romantic suspense, mystery...any of those usually provide several hours of reading pleasure with more plot, more characters, and more sex.

Personally, I like variety. I like short books that I can finish in one sitting and I like those 100K+ books that I can savor over several days. I have my favorite authors whose books I buy the day they're released, no matter the length.

A cup of hot tea and a warm afghan thrown over my legs and I'm all set to trade places with the heroine when the hero takes her in his arms for that hot, passionate kiss.

I love a happy ending.



Blogger Wally Banners said:

Hmm if you need a dam good read. Get some US history books WOW! Love,treason,betrayals,heroes, long lost loves and so much adventure. anyways you guys have my bob vote:)

4:30 PM  

Blogger Jane said:

I guess it depends on my mood. I usually prefer longer novels, but sometimes all I want is a short read that has a little over 100 pages. I love the cover of "Seduction's Spell."

4:41 PM  

Blogger SunflowerWynds said:

It just depends on my mood lately I have been in the mood for long ones LOL

11:49 PM  

Blogger BillyWarhol said:

I'm Amazed Kids will read those Huge Harry Potter Books that are like 700 or 800 Pages long!! Incredible*

;)) Peace*

2:19 AM  

Blogger Matthew S. Urdan said:

Ladies at AVON!

I just wanted to let you know that I've admired your blog for so long I've gone to your source--Zoe--for an update of my blog design. Coming soon will be a whole new and fresh updated look with four seasonal headers and footers for the different times of years and a much cleaner layout--I got the idea for the seasonal headers from your blog! So thanks for the inspiration!

I hope you're having an awesome day!



4:29 PM  

Blogger Casas do Barlavento said:

I think mainly I like to be caught by the story, short or long. The feeling of anxiety to end the chapter or to turn one more page to see what happens next , is what I search in a book.

10:04 AM  

Anonymous Rachel said:

Is it sad that I actually did think you were talking about books and my mind didn't even go there? I must be tired.

Anyway, I like my stories long and if possible to be a series. This has to do with the fact that I always wonder what happened to the people after the end of the book. I think that is why I like the Outlander series so much.

2:45 PM  

Blogger Melissa said:

I absolutely love the idea of a good story taking different turns in it plot. In Take Me There, it has a choose-your-own-sexual-adventure element. It was so much fun to read.

8:25 PM  

Blogger P.F. Kozak said:


I am so pleased you enjoyed TAKE ME THERE. It's wonderful for an author to be surfing the web and trip upon a kind post such as yours.

I had hoped that the story would be as much fun to read as it was to write. I'm tickled to hear for you, it was.

P.F. Kozak

4:54 PM  

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