Whose story is it, anyway?
by Margo Maguire

I attended a writer's workshop recently and the speaker said that, in every romance, the story primarily belongs to either the hero or the heroine. And of course, their two stories meld together.

This got me thinking about Merrick Mac Lochlainn and Jenny Keating, the hero and heroine of my April release, TEMPTATION OF THE WARRIOR. The overriding story is that of a sorcerer-warrior who must find a magic talisman hidden in the non-magical world (England, 1826) and take it back to his own land to save his people.

He's a Celtic warrior with a lovely, thick brogue and I readily admit that this shot was my inspiration for the character.

When Merrick arrives in England, he encounters the heroine being attacked by highwaymen and is injured while trying to help her. Jenny has her own story. At age ten, she was left in a mean and harsh school by her uncaring relatives.

She became a teacher there when she grew up, but she is desperate to escape the place. She finds a position as a governess, far, far away, and when she leaves her school and meets up with Merrick, she is in a very dangerous situation. She has a secret she is wary of sharing with anyone.

The goals of each character are compelling, but those of the hero are the most acute. He is the new high chieftain of his people and his motivation to succeed is incredibly strong.

Understanding Jenny and her own personal quest only complicate matters for Merrick because he falls in love with her. But he is a true hero and I soon started to think of him in more generic terms as a strong, responsible, forceful, irrepressible, sexy man.
Eventually, Merrick has to choose between succeeding with his mission or staying with Jenny. Of course, he wavers at first. He has a huge responsibility to his people and there will be incredible devastation if he fails. But he does not want to live in his magical world without Jenny. He does not yet know her secret.

Don't get me wrong. Jenny is no pushover. She's a strong-willed, determined young woman with talents and goals of her own. But she has met her match in Merrick Mac Lochlainn. While it is his overall conflict that drives Temptation of the Warrior, it is Jenny's strength that will give him--them--the chance to succeed. True synergy--love at its best!


Anonymous Ladyhawkcj said:

That book sounds good. My kind of book that I like to read. Where can I get it? The guy looks good too.

9:18 PM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

Margo, if Gerard Butler doesn't inspire you, no one can! lol. Love that pic of him. And your cover is amazing as well!

10:53 AM  

Blogger Margo Maguire said:

You know it, Kate! :-)

ladyhawkcj - you can find this book at most bookstores. If that fails, there are the online bookstores.

3:17 PM  

Blogger Tracey Devlyn said:

Temptation of the Warrior sounds wonderful. It's been awhile since I read a book with an emphasis on the hero's journey rather than the heroine's, and I love crossovers - they add another layer of depth to a book.

And who doesn't love a hunky hero with a heart-melting brogue?

Take care, Tracey

9:27 PM  

Blogger Dina said:

Your cover and of course the pic of Gerry sure got my attention!

7:11 PM  

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