Do you hold grudges?

I know I do. I have a very good memory, especially for people who've wronged me. I may forgive, but I don't forget because it is, after all, a life lesson.

But now that I've read OCEANS APART, those grudges I've been holding seem more than frivolous.

"I asked myself how it would feel to be Michele,” Karen Kingsbury writes in her Reader's Note, “to have a husband I loved and to suddenly, in a moment's time, be asked to forgive him for something as monstrous as unfaithfulness...

Suddenly, I knew I had to write it out, process the idea by placing it on the pages of this book. Only then would I see that, yes, forgiveness is possible. Even when the greatest wrong of all has been committed against you...”

In keeping with our inspirational Monday theme, tell us how you've found the strength to forgive, whether it is something big or small. Inspire us to do the same.

Erika Tsang


Blogger beverley said:

I have to say by watching Oprah and Dr. Phil and understanding that forgiveness is not about the other person but about me. Forgiveness frees me of bitterness and all those emotions that would just make me miserable.

I haven't read Ocean's Apart but I've been there, done that and thank goodness I'm on the other side. For me forgiveness didn't mean though that I was sticking around. You can forgive at a distance.

6:11 PM  

Blogger Susie said:

Ya know, I've found the strength to forgive... but then something will remind me why I was peeved in the first place and I'll get angry all over again. I should read this book, and see if I can't get my forgiver mechanism all enlightened. :)

9:52 PM  

Anonymous Bethanne said:

I'm really good at holding grudges... I remember everything. But, I'm quick to forgive. I don't know, maybe I've never had to forgive the unforgiveable...

10:25 PM  

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