by Andrea Kane

It's amazing how one can apply FBI research to everyday life.


In order to give my new romantic thriller, TWISTED, genuine flavor and authenticity, I went straight to the source--the FBI.

After undergoing extensive security clearance and background checks, I was given the green light. I headed straight down to Quantico--the FBI's renowned facility whose name rings a bell with every crime drama fan on earth. But this was the real deal.

I met with Special Agents, saw the trainees in action, and watched, asked, listened, and absorbed. To my great fortune, I was able to observe--up-close-and-personal--the Crisis Negotiation Unit's hostage negotiating and rescue exercises.

What a thrill! And, getting back to my original point, I came away with some FBI tactics that everyone can use during those stressful times when we “crisis negotiate” in our personal lives.

* Negotiate to Win: Pragmatism is crucial. Therefore, never try to negotiate with a man when he's hungry or tired. The results can be disastrous.

* Never Put Yourself in the Direct Line of Fire: When delivering bad news to your spouse or significant other, use a cell phone. E-mailing or text messaging is better still.

* Build Trust: Your puppy has seized your favorite blouse and is holding it hostage. Make sure to offer a more desirable, yet deliverable, treat in exchange. Ultimately, success is measured by the release of the hostage and all parties being safe and secure.

Have you ever been in a personal situation where you wish you knew these tactics BEFORE commencing negotiations?

Are there other tactics you find useful when negotiating with a loved one?


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