Donna Fletcher

When I made my first communion, my father surprised me with a beautiful bouquet, yellow, and white flowers wrapped in white paper lace. It was my first bouquet and my heart jumped with joy.

That day, my father became and remains my hero.

When Cavan Sinclare from RETURN OF THE ROGUE introduced himself, he was far from a hero. He was deeply scarred and, worse, he found himself wed to Honora, a woman with scars of her own.

It takes Cavan time to realize what I had learned that day many years ago--heroes aren't born; heroes are made.

Over the years, more heroes have entered my life and there have been many more bouquets. But that day, when I was eight years old, lives long in my heart. That day my daddy became my first hero.

Have there been heroes in your life? What made them heroes? What memories did they leave with you?


Anonymous Kim said:

That looks like such a good book. I'm going to have to look for it in stores.

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