Do You Want to Play?
by Lisa Landolt

In my novel, GOOD MAN HUNTING, the seemingly-sweet, wealthy ladies of the Hunt Club meet every week to play a matchmaking game called Hubby Hunting. The object of the game is for the Hunt Club members to help an average girl meet and marry any man she wants–-any single man, no matter how rich, good-looking, or successful.

The next lucky contestant is Sandra Greene. It's her turn to choose her dream guy that the Hunt Club will go after.

Who would you pick if you were Sandra?

How about a gorgeous Hollywood actor? Or how about a politician? A pro football player? A lawyer? Doctor?

How about that model with the body that is an absolute work of art who's on the cover of GQ? You could always pick a guy from Forbes Magazine's List of Richest Men.

If I were the one getting to choose any man I wanted, I would probably pick Matthew McConaughey. Or Josh Holloway-–that totally hot actor who plays Sawyer on LOST. (Okay, you're right, he's married and therefore disqualified.)

What about George Clooney? He's still single, isn't he?

To aid in the selection process, the Hunt Club ladies have a Prospective Questionnaire for their new female members to fill out. The complete Questionnaire can be found in the back of GOOD MAN HUNTING. The key is that you must be totally and completely honest.

For example, how would you answer the following question? Rearrange and list the following characteristics in the order of most important to least important for your potential husband: Love of Children and Family; Time to spend with Me; Physical Appearance; Movies, Music & Tastes in Entertainment; Financial Wealth; Education; Love of Sex; Career & Ambition;
Sense of Humor & Friendliness; Kindness; Charity; Religion.

After you have picked your ideal man, then it's time to go after him. Remember: it's not stalking if he doesn't know about it...It’s hunting!

The Hunt Club will cover all the costs for travel, researching your ideal man's background, the set-up for the two of you to meet, and, of course, a complete makeover for you! They will even pay for your wedding gown and the wedding service.

All you have to do is agree to marry your ideal man when he proposes and then pay the Hunt Club ladies ten percent of your and his salary during your first year of marriage. Doesn't that sound reasonable? What have you got to lose?


Blogger Laura said:

I would pick an ordinary guy. Not interested in movie stars or models, guys that are likely spending more time in front of a mirror than I am.

9:39 PM  

Blogger Laura said:

I like the idea of the Good Hunting matchmakers. But, any guy you need to have a full make over for isn't going to be someone who will stick around, someone who likes you. I've been divorced once, don't want to go there a second time.

9:46 PM  

Anonymous kendall said:

I finished reading this book this morning and absolutely LOVED IT! I want to know who the actor is who the character of Mike Warran is based on? Great characters, great plot, great premise. If I could have anybody I wanted, it would be Tom Welling from Smallville!

5:07 PM  

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