by DiAnn Mills

Here in Houston, the Livestock and Rodeo show officially opened last Saturday with Tim McGraw bringing in thousands of people. Here in Houston, we take our rodeo seriously and celebrate for three weeks.

The lineup of performers is incredible--from George Strait to Hannah Montana. Ribbons, trophies, scholarships, and cash prizes are given away like jalapeños. Whether your perk is to lead your steer into the ring or sit atop the Ferris wheel, we have it.

Now what does the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show have to do with AWAKEN MY HEART?

For starters, this 1803 historical is set in Texas, when rodeos were a part of everyone's entertainment, just like now. Back then, the vaqueros rode wild horses and roped cows wearing brightly colored costumes and wide sombreros and silver spurs.

Today, the cowboys wear jeans and fancy boots and silver spurs. Back then, the ladies wore swirling skirts and enchanting smiles. Today, the ladies wear designer jeans and boots and the same enchanting smiles.

The problems of the 1803 era were set aside while the people invested their energies in watching a daring display of horsemanship and talent. The stresses and challenges of today are put on hold while events for young and old begin at sunup and continue long after sundown.

AWAKEN MY HEART will transport you back to the same excitement of today's rodeo, but this novel promises more than an adventure. It promises the thrill of forbidden love as two people step from the comfort of their worlds to find a timeless romance.

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Anonymous Kerrelyn Sparks said:

Hi DiAnn,
I was at the rodeo in Houston last Wednesday night! There must have been a full moon cause the animals were all acting strangely. One of the Bronco horses refused to leave the stall, even with all the cowboys pushing on him. All the bulls tossed their riders into the dirt, then went after them and the poor clowns. That was scary! And then, on the chuckwagon race, one of the chuckwagons lost a wheel and the horses wouldn't stop! The wagon kept going, kicking up a spray of dirt from the metal hub that was digging a trench as the wagon kept going. And that wagon won!

You never know what to expect at the rodeo! Best of luck to you with your new book!

2:28 PM  

Anonymous DiAnn said:

I'm heading to California on Thursday and haven't made it to the rodeo yet! First thing on my list when I get back.

I hope you entered the contest for the bed and breakfast giveaway.

Thanks for posting!

9:42 PM  

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