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I've actually got a lot in common with Lou Calabrese, the screenwriter heroine of the new Avon reprint of my book, SHE WENT ALL THE WAY. And it's not that I've ever been stranded in the wilds of Alaska in a pair of strappy sandals with a hunky (but surprisingly cerebral) movie star!

I could explain it here in writing, but it would be so much simpler to tell you in this video I just happen to have handy.

Oh, wow, I feel so much better!

Of course, PRETTY IN PINK wasn't one of the films my mom used to let me stay home and watch because that movie wasn't on television when I was kid. It came out when I was a teenager. I had to pay to see it (two dollars at the Von Lee Theater on Kirkwood Avenue in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. I think my best friend Becky and I must have gone to see it fifteen times, but Molly Ringwald's dress never did get any better looking with repeated viewings, no matter how desperately we wanted it to).

Yes, I love movies. I blame my mom (just like Lou in SHE WENT ALL THE WAY blames hers) for letting me stay home from school in the sixth grade to watch FUNNY FACE and SABRINA and TO CATCH A THIEF and REAR WINDOW and so many others, whenever those movies were being shown on Channel 4. I just fell in love with Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly and all of their leading men, not to mention the witty dialogue and gorgeous costumes.

How was I supposed to resist? Thanks to Mom, I'm hooked on Hollywood.

Mercifully, I've never had to use my knowledge of movie lore to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. But having written this book, I'm pretty sure I could.

(Well, as long as I had a working cell phone, Chapstick, and a credit card to pay for a rescue helicopter to come get me the heck out of there).




Anonymous Anonymous said:

What was it with Andi's dress? She took a really cute dress and made it into something really horrible. I never understood that--ever!

But more important, Blaine v. Ducky. Sorry, in my world the Duckman won hands down. You just knew he was going to move to NY, start a new wave band, and have an exciting life... while Blaine would toddle off and get his degree in Econ and end up frustrated in the suburbs.

3:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

haha, there is a point in the video where you look like you are about to burst out laughing! this is so cute, i cant wait to read the book!!

7:38 AM  

Blogger Janice said:

I love Meg's videos! I especially liked that she used Oliver from Hannah Montana as Blaine (the real Blaine was so hot). Hannah is my show! I can't wait for Meg's next video- she is so much fun and picks the best topics (Pretty in Pink was so good). :)

10:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I love megs videos! I havent read she went all the way yet so i'm really excted about buying it! i'ved read all her books except the princess diaries because for some reason i hate them, maybe because i read the first one after i watched the first movie and i liked the movie waaayyyy better. i can't wait for airhead too! anyone know whats with all the promotion for she want all the way since it all ready came out a while ago? is it the new cover or something?

9:28 PM  

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