I was going to blog about some of the recent books I've edited--specifically Andrea Kane's amazing TWISTED and Jordan Dane's NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM. But Andrea blogged a few days ago (she is holding a gun! Watch out!) and Jordan is set to blog tomorrow.

So, I thought I'd talk about a few of the Avon A (trade) titles that I have worked on and love. The first is A FOREIGN AFFAIR by Caro Peacock. This historical novel was first published by Harper UK.

Now, we get TONS of submissions from the UK and usually I pass. The most common reason: it's just too British. (To be fair, our US submissions are often passed on because they are just too American! We really are two cultures separated by a common language.)

But I adore A FOREIGN AFFAIR's historical setting and mysterious plot. Our intrepid heroine, Liberty Lane (poor Liberty, with a name like that) gets embroiled in a plan to kill the newly crowned Queen Victoria and put someone else on the throne.

We think of Victoria as being perpetually beloved, but when the came to the throne she was just 18, and her immediate ancestors were fat, spoiled, spendthrifts. So people weren't quite sure about Victoria...

The other book I want you all to go out and read is Mameve Medwed's THE END OF AN ERROR. This is for all you gals out there who say, "I want to read really strong, really wonderful women's fiction." It's NOT a romance, but anyone who believes in the power of love will adore this novel. Mameve is a terrific writer, one of my favorites, and I want you all to discover her, too.

Oh, and I just remembered that yesterday was April Fool's Day. We didn't have a good April Fool's, but the Smart Bitches sure did. I laughed my head off. Thank you Smart Bitches! I needed that.