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I Need a Hero ~~ Send Me Inspiration (Pictures!)

I have always been a visual person.  When I sit down to write, I like to have images of the story characters pinned up next to my desk.

Okay, coming clean here, I only pin up pictures of the heroes from my books.  Why? Because, though the heroine in my story usually looks nothing like me, I always like to imagine I am her. Don't you when you read a romance novel?  I know I do.

When I was writing my new book, HOW TO PROPOSE TO A PRINCE, I knew that my hero had to look very, very similar to Prince Leopold.  Well, anyone who loves the Regency period probably has seen a picture of Prince Leopold, so I took the task of finding the perfect picture of my hero very seriously.

I found him--a perfectly drool-worthy Sumner, Lord of Whitevale.  Only in the real world he goes by the name Richard Armitage.

Sigh...Richard Armitage as Sumner.   Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold at Covent Garden.

A Sinful Request. Right now I am working on my brand new Avon series, The Seven Deadly Sins.  The series is about seven brothers and sisters who are cast out of Scotland for their wicked ways, only to arrive in London where they all give new meaning to the word sin.

Seven stories, seven heroes.  Four are Sinclairs--meaning huge, hard muscled Scots--Sterling (greed), Grant (gluttony/excess), Lachlan (lust), and Killian (wrath).  Three are Englishmen, who will fall in love with the Sinclair sisters--Siusan (sloth/laziness), Ivy (envy), and Priscilla (pride.)

So, being a visual sort of writer, show me what sort of hero would  Post links to your hero pics under Comments, and be sure to tell me why you think he would make the perfect hero.  (No explicit photos, please.)

You know me.  I always give away prizes to the winners.
Kathryn Caskie


Blogger Buffie said:


You know I have one for you to check out!


I think he would make a very, VERY good (*ahem* or should I say bad) hero. Personally, I think he should be one of the Sinclair brothers. I can just hear his accent. And if you look deeply into his eyes, you can see definance . . . but also a need to be loved!

10:02 AM  

Blogger Buffie said:

Kathy -- what format should post the pictures in??? My picture didn't show up on the post.

10:04 AM  

Blogger AndreaW said:

Hi, Kathy!

I have two potential heroes for you.

First, is James Marsden -- -- Not only is he gorgeous, but he plays a hero in the movie ENCHANTED and in the X-MEN movies! Dark hair, blue eyes and a chisled jaw. YUM!

Second, is Christian Bale -- -- *sigh* I love me some Chris Bale. He also plays a hero -- the new BATMAN! So suave, sophisticated and gorgeous. Another YUM!

Enjoy! :)


10:11 AM  

Blogger Gannon Carr said:

Here's one for you, even if we already know who he is--hunky Hugh Jackman. He is truly inspirational!

10:12 AM  

Blogger PJ said:

I like this one. There's something in his eyes that captured me at first glance.

10:23 AM  

Blogger PJ said:

Of course, the first one to come to mind when I think of sexy Scot is..

10:47 AM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:

Hmm, seems the pics aren't posting---what if we use the links (for close up viewing) but also pop the pic in as an avatar (for a quick peek) like Buffie did?


10:56 AM  

Blogger Gannon Carr said:

Here's another Clive Owen.

11:05 AM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:

OMIGOD this is like a romance writer's candy store! So many heroes to inspire....

PJ, I haven't seen the "hero" with the cleft chin before. Those eyes. Wow. He is young, or maybe I am just old, but the youngest of the Sinclairs is Killian (a twin)with dark eyes and killer blue eyes.

Methinks we have one of the heroes--Killian Sinclair (wrath).

Kept them coming!


11:05 AM  

Blogger AndreaW said:

Okay, I have two more...

Matthew McConaughey --

And Gerard Butler *sigh* -- -- so sexy!


12:20 PM  

Anonymous maryp said:

For those of you who know me.. you know I suggest the hot Aussie actor.. Alex O'Loughlin !!
He's used be playing the hero in "Moonligt" ..and he's starred in a "period piece" .. "Mary Bryant".. and he's got a big.. GUN.. in "The Shield" :D

1:08 PM  

Blogger CrystalGB said:

Here is one of my choices: Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.

1:22 PM  

Blogger CrystalGB said:

Here is my other choice: Orlando Bloom.

1:27 PM  

Blogger PJ said:

Meet Killian...

Glad you like him, Kathy. Those eyes just grabbed me and drew me right in. Sigh...

1:54 PM  

Blogger Gannon Carr said:

For your viewing pleasure:

Even though I usually prefer dark haired men, Gabriel Aubrey is an exception!

4:30 PM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:

I agree with you about dark haired men, Gannon, but Gabriel Aubrey IS Grant Sinclair! I just need to have my daughter darken his hair a bit in Photoshop for me.

Buffie, tell your guy to turn around. So we can see his...face.


4:52 PM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:

Andrea and Crystal, you two are too good at this. You have me going back and forth between pictures. I think I need to start an album...

Kept 'em coming!


4:57 PM  

Blogger Gannon Carr said:

Kathy, so glad you agree on Gabriel Aubrey--he's gorgeous.

Here's a tall, dark and handsome one, Julian McMahon.

5:09 PM  

Blogger PJ said:

Gannon, good call on Gabriel Aubrey. Definitely drool worthy!

Oh,and Julian McMahon too. Loved him on Charmed!

5:22 PM  

Blogger AndreaW said:

Okay, Kathy, I've got a couple of hot pictures of Tom Welling...


5:27 PM  

Blogger Jane said:

Eric Bana is an Aussie, but he just played Henry VIII, so I'm sure he could be a great inspiration for a Scot.,_Eric/gallery/SGG-017826/

5:42 PM  

Blogger Jane said:

Martin Henderson is an actor from New Zealand. He was in "Bride and Prejudice" and "The Ring.",_Martin/gallery/SGS-015288/

6:43 PM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:


I love Alex O'Loughlin, but the first time I saw him was as a vampire and now he IS Mick St. John.

I do admire your taste though.

Kathy (who lived in Australia for a while and admits that the Aussies have more than their fair share of material for heroes.)

7:45 PM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:


I don't which hero he will be, but your guy is truly...inspirational. The eyes get me every time. What is his name?


7:49 PM  

Blogger Gannon Carr said:

Buffie, your guy does have the most riveting eyes! YUM!

PJ, I loved Julian McMahon on Charmed, too. Actually, we have a close friend who looks A LOT like him! Even his kids think so. ;)

8:09 PM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:

Julian McMahon is an Aussie too, wouldn't you know it. He is so BAD on Nip/Tuck, but you gotta love him.

Two pics are really drawing me, and both I've always loved, but the pics...they're speaking. I think I hear "Hero."

Julian is one and that picture of Orlando Bloom. Wow. Again, its the eyes. The eyes tell a story.

We're coming up on the bell. If you've got 'em, share 'em.


9:14 PM  

Blogger Gannon Carr said:

This one makes me feel so....inspired!

9:28 PM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:

Gannon, you are right up there with Buffie with your offerings!

Yes, he is inspirational. Very.

He just made the cut for the Ivy's story--envy, (entitled--right now--The Most Wicked of Sins.)
The hero is so beautiful she assumes he is gay, until she learns in no uncertain terms that he isn't.

Way to slide under the wire!


9:41 PM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:

We almost did it--five of seven heroes! And they are amazing and most inspirational. The heroes are:

Buffie's Lachlan (Lust)
PJ's Killian (Wrath)
Crystal's Grant (Gluttony/Excess)
Gannon's match for Ivy (Envy) - Earl Counterton
Gannon's match for Priscilla's (Pride) - Viscount

Two more to go. Join me over at to find Sterling (greed) and Siusan's match (laziness).

Would the winners please shoot an email to website email addy, and slug it I Need a Hero. List your real name and mailing address and I will contact you about your prizes--gift cards for Borders/Waldenbooks and something extra too.

Thank you to everyone for providing such wonderful inspiration.

On Wednesday, check out my website for all of the yummy heroes along with the winners who submitted them for our...consideration.

You all are the best!


(Kathy) Kathryn Caskie

Look for How to Propose to a Prince--in stores now!

10:27 PM  

Blogger Buffie said:

Hey Kathy!! Sorry I didn't make it back yesterday.

Aren't his eyes just something else!! I totally thought he was Lachlan. He could sure make me do some dirty things ;)

6:31 AM  

Blogger Gannon Carr said:

Thanks, Kathy! That was too much fun.

8:00 AM  

Blogger PJ said:

Thanks, Kathy! What fun!

8:42 AM  

Blogger CrystalGB said:

Thank you Kathy. I had fun doing this. :)

8:44 AM  

Blogger Kathryn Caskie said:

It's a tough job, but somebody has got to do it. Thank you all for helping It was fun!


10:56 AM  

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