I just spent an excellent weekend in Plano with the lovely women (and men!) of the DARA chapter at the Dreamin' in Dallas conference. It was a blast; not just because Texas is fun, but because everyone involved was so professional.

The conference went off without a hitch--at least, it seemed like it did, which is all that really matters. If the organizers ran into any problems, trust me, I didn't notice.

I ate great food, met wonderful people, and found myself even more in awe of you writers. It takes a lot of dedication and guts and I'm constantly amazed at your perseverance.

The fabulous Kressley Cole and Lori Foster were speakers. Both women managed to be hilarious, helpful, and lovely. I also got to spend time with a couple of my favorite Avon ladies, Lorraine Heath and Dixie Cash.

All in all, it was a great time. So good, in fact, that not even the constant screw-ups of our lovely airlines could keep me down. Thanks, DARA!

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Blogger Amie Stuart said:

It was really nice to meet you Esi--and it was a great conference!

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