by Cindy Kirk

My latest Avon release, ONE NIGHT STAND, just hit the shelves at the end of April and I've decided to give you the inside scoop.

It wasn't planned.

Before I wrote WHEN SHE WAS BAD (Avon, July 2007), I'd had the main characters, Jenny and Robert, rattling around in my head for a year or so while I worked on other books. But when it came time to put pencil to paper (yes, I write my first draft in long hand), they were like old friends.

What wasn't initially planned was who would be the secondary characters. Since main characters can often benefit from a friend, I came up with Marcee Robbens. Marcee was a bad girl, the kind of girl mothers warn you to stay away from when you're growing up. She was brought in to be Jenny's friend and confidante. I had no intention of giving Marcee a story of her own.

It wasn't planned.

When I needed to come up with an idea for a second book, my mind kept going back to Marcee. She'd been a good friend to Jenny. Didn't she deserve her own happily-ever-after? The trouble was, until I began writing the book, I never realized how hard it would be to have heroine who was, well, not very sympathetic.

What to do? I finally came up with the idea of Marcee having the one night stand and starting to evaluate her life after that event. Since turning around your life doesn't usually occur because of a single event, I have her world rocked by other events that cause her to really take a good hard look at herself. She makes the decision to be good.

Then she moves back to the small town where she'd grown up and finds herself living next door to her greatest temptation, Sam McKelvey, her one night stand. Just like being faced with an ice cream cone the day you start your diet, Marcee struggles with wanting just one more little taste of Sam.

It wasn't planned...but it ended happily.

Isn't that the way it is in life? Sometimes the unexpected, the unplanned events in our life, turn out to be the greatest blessing.


Blogger Jane said:

Hi Cindy,
I just finished "When She Was Bad" a few days ago. I think we all love the idea of breaking out of our shell. I wish I could turn into Jasmine and have fun. Can't wait to read Marcee's story.

5:34 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi Cindy,

I can't wait to see you at the Maine retreat. After reading When She Was Bad, I look forward to reading One Night Stand--Love the title!!!


9:05 PM  

Blogger Nina Pierce said:

Cindy, I always love your books. This one sounds like another delight. Can't wait to read it!

9:07 PM  

Anonymous Katherine Garbera said:

Cindy I can't wait for this story. I think that Marcee definitely needed her own book.

I agree with Jane that we all want to break out of our shells but it is so hard to do in real life when you factor in the consequences.

But I love reading about it!

Kathy :)

9:11 PM  

Blogger Jennifer Linforth said:

Hey Cindy,

I really wanted to meet you at our retreat.

I hear you on how hard it is to make an unsympathetic character sympathetic. I ran into that a lot with my book. But when a character just screams for their part of the story--I guess you have to tell it!


9:13 PM  

Anonymous Kay Stockham said:

Cindy, I'm so glad you decided Marcee needed her own book! I can't WAIT to read it!


9:14 PM  

Blogger Cindy Gerard said:

Hey Cindy. It's Cindy G - you used to write as me, remember?? (sorry everyone, old and very inside joke)

Great balls of fire, girl, that cover is so cool! Can't wait to pick this one up.!
See you in San Francisco??
Cindy (the other one) Gerard

9:22 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I really enjoyed this book. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down! You always do such a nice job of making me feel like I'm right there with your characters. Thanks for another great story!

9:32 PM  

Blogger Ruth said:

I'm reading One Night Stand right now and really enjoying it! Nice to know where Marcee came from. Ruth

9:35 PM  

Blogger ReneeRyan said:


I loved, loved, loved Marcee's story. It's always so easy to turn the good girl bad but -- WOW, what a pleasure to see a bad girl go GOOD! Marcee is a really memorable character. She reminds me to look beyond the past behavior of a person. Masterfully written. I enjoyed every moment of Marcee's story. THANK YOU for a great read!

11:38 PM  

Anonymous Linda Conrad said:

Hi Cindy,

Great cover! I thought Marcee needed a book of her own all along. Can hardly wait to read it.

And yes, writing a non-sympathetic heroine is tough. I've tried it with so-so results. But it can also be very rewarding. I'm betting in this case you do a terrific job!


10:16 AM  

Blogger Deb said:

Cindy - we are so excited to have you in Maine next weekend ... I can finally get my hands on Marcee's story. Been waiting since the last book. Sounds like an incredible challege to write. I know I'll learn more about writing just by reading ONE NIGHT STAND and going to your workshops.

See you soon!


3:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I finished One Night Stand a couple of nights was a great read. I think one of Cindy's best. If you haven't read it, pick it up!


11:29 AM  

Blogger Pam Champagne said:

Giving a bad girl a happily ever after has to be a challenge. One I'm sure you're up to.

6:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

One Night Stand was a great read. Marcee was such a fun character to follow on her journey.

3:20 PM  

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