As Julia Quinn's editor, I can tell you how excited I become every time I get her latest manuscript into my hot little hands. I know it's going to grab me from the first page, even the first sentence. She's just that good.

Now, for the first time, we're giving you the opportunity to share in our excitement and get a snippet of her upcoming book before it even hits the shelves. Her new book, THE LOST DUKE OF WYNDHAM, is currently available in Sneak Peek, meaning you can browse inside 20% of the book now.

If that isn't enough for you, we've also made one of her backlist gems, and one of my personal favorites, THE DUKE AND I available in Full Access, meaning you can browse inside 100% of the entire book online for a limited time only.

Please join us in this special offer and catch the excitement of the new Julia Quinn novel--a classic--at your fingertips, for free.


Blogger flchen1 said:

Thanks for letting us know about this--how exciting! Heading over to take a peek now :)

2:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks for the sneak peek!!! Just dying to read something form J.Q,..

I will of course BUY this book.. although its the worst cover of 2008... bad.. what were they thinking? Tal

6:53 PM  

Blogger BaLQiz said:

OMG It's finally out!!! I love JQ's books!

8:11 PM  

Blogger Jard The Great said:

wow! Love this blog already! especially since its on books. Hehe. But I dont think Avon books has hit the Malaysian market yet. Or has it? hmmm...

8:20 PM  

Blogger BaLQiz said:

jard, of course there are Avon books in Malaysia!

8:46 PM  

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