Things I learned when I moved to New York from Texas...
by Lisa Renee Jones

- Coffee is not Coffee. It's CAWFFEE.

- Apparently, if you ask for a ‘pizza’ in New York you are obviously from Texas (aka another planet) like me! It's PIE. You want a PIE. Fortunately, there is no special size terminology--no Venti or Grande PIE--small, medium, large still apply.

- According to New Yorkers who swear they are the ones who KNOW ALL--Barbers, Bartenders, and Deli owners of which there are many--the problem with the rest of the world is that they are simply TOO nice. They aren't willing to do whatever it takes to get whatever they want. New Yorkers are. Personally, I think New Yorkers just get tired of being pushed and shoved in the subways, so they shove back. I've acquired that trait easier than expected!

- Pizza is the New York Taco but there is actually really good authentic Mexican Food in New York. Unfortunately, authentic Mexican food does not include good Queso, so I have to make my own. Did I mention I am a horrible cook but still mine is better than what you get here?

- The view from Battery Park is gorgeous and happy hour is indeed quite happy as you sit and overlook the water.

- Diners, DINERS, DINERS! What is the deal? There is a place called ‘DINER’ on every Long Island corner.

- In Manhattan, everything has the calorie count on it. In concept, this is great, but, man, it can really ruin a good cookie and coffee! Sometimes I just DON'T WANT TO KNOW!

- I wore shorts at Christmas in Texas. A week ago, I had a floor heater on in my house in Long Island. Something tells me this winter is going to be long and cold.

But I know how to HEAT things up! ALLURING TALES 2 is out in November--HOT WINTER NIGHTS!! Can't wait until then? No worries! Preorder at amazon: Click Here!

In the meantime, I wish you many sizzling good summer reads!

Lisa Renee Jones


Blogger Jane said:

We do have our own rules in NY. Hope you'll love NY.

3:16 PM  

Blogger Lisa Renee Jones said:

I am falling in love with it for sure! In fact, I am going to the city to watch Sex in the City this weekend! Couldn't do that in Texas. And I am going to the Battery Park location for the movie and more!:)

5:40 PM  

Blogger Lisa Renee Jones said:

I meant Sex in the City in THE CITY lol!

5:40 PM  

Blogger Chris said:

Wow. I have never been to NYC, would like to visit, but not live there :) Good luck in your ventures XO

9:08 PM  

Blogger Matthew S. Urdan said:

Nah, it's Coffee. Don't conform!

Nice blog entry and great read...very round about way at the end getting that plug in for the book.

Nice job!

5:27 PM  

Blogger Debbie said:

New Yorkers are a lot softer than they seem at first. Great post!

8:09 PM  

Blogger LizzyT said:

New York City is one of my dream destinations. I would love to visit there one day. Your post was a great read!

6:51 AM  

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