by Beverly Jenkins

I had no idea what I was going to blog about today, but when I saw the hummingbird come zooming in this morning looking for a hit on the Rose of Sharons that haven't bloomed yet, I yelled Eureka!

Gardening. Some may consider gardening a pretty mundane and passive subject, but my daughter calls what I do "Extreme Gardening".

My mom gardened when my siblings and I were young and we all hated it. There are seven of us and we were her unpaid crew. She made us weed, haul dirt, weed, and weed some more. Did I mention we hated it?

When I turned fifty, I got the gardening bug bad. I started out with a little small area in the middle of the yard that grew in size every year. My poor husband, thinking I had designs on all the grass, tried fencing me in with pavers and that held me in check for a while, but now the space is a 25' x35' monster that blooms from March until the first frost with crocuses, daffs, my signature purple tulips, Shasta daisies, African daisies, zinnias, 6ft hollyhocks, 8ft burgundy sunflowers, giant zinnias, milkweed (for the monarch butterflies), black-eyed susans, a zillion lilies of all types (when the rabbits don't eat them), and anything else I can find space for.

So my question for you is: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow??


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi! This is such a great blog. I want your garden. I have tulips that bloom all over the yard, and lilac bushes (20 or more). They are still young. I can't wait until they are taller than me.

This year the vegtable garden should be pretty interesting. Everything from corn to eggplant and blueberries are fighting off the slugs and crows in an impressive battle. We, of course, became allies with the plants ;).

(Beverly, you cover is beautifully romantic~!)
~Laura T

10:50 AM  

Blogger WK said:

I'm enjoying this blog as well. But I don't garden. I have a black thumb. My mom has the green thumb. I forget to water, forget to do anything really. My thoughts are, I throw you out the door it's between you and God if you live. I just don't get the hands in the dirt thing. If my hands are in the dirt even as a kid it's because I'm building a fort or digging a foxhole or something. I just never got the garden bug. My hubby is good at it. Me.....I kill fake trees.


11:20 AM  

Blogger Erika said:

I'm with you, WK. I killed a cactus once.

9:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just wondering, I finished reading the book Jewel yesterday, what does gardening have to do with it?

3:25 PM  

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