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I know it's been out for a few weeks now, but I recently went to see the SEX AND THE CITY movie. I had reservations (for all the usual reasons--how could it be as good as the show? would there be sex now that the women were all attached?) but I will say I liked it more than any movie I've seen in a long time.

Some of the complaints the critics have just don't bother me. I Yes, the first 1/2 hour or so is a real fashion show (as opposed to the whole thing, which is a theoretical fashion show), but I enjoyed every second of that, perhaps because it reminded me of the great movies of Old Hollywood, where everyone looked terrific and dressed like a million bucks.

Without giving away any plots spoilers for the 10 of you who haven't seen it yet, there is still sex and the city--plenty of it. I mean, leave the kids at home!

Still, I can't help but wonder if the reason this movie has gotten so much criticism isn't because of the acting (which is very good, and just when I decided SJP was best, I was blown away by Cynthia Nixon and then I was convinced that Kristin Davis was the best, but of course I love Kim Cattrall most of all...) or because of the script or because these women dress better than almost anyone I know.

But is it because it's a movie produced by a woman, starring four women, and aimed at women? Oh, and there are no superheroes or gunbattles. Sort of like the way romances are eternally criticized--because they're by and for women (though there are occasional superheroes and gunbattles).

So, if you haven't gone off to see SEX AND THE CITY, please do so. And then you can tell me if you think Carrie's end of the movie decision was the right one.


Blogger ClinkscalesArts said:

I'm one of the 10 that hasn't seen it, but I want to see it so badly! Once it gets to our little theater downtown (vs. the big ugly one out by the mall), I am there.

2:08 AM  

Blogger Kristina Wright said:

I was rather surprised at how little sex there was in the city! Miranda was the only one with a sex scene!

As for Carrie and Big, I kind of wished they had reversed it and had her be the one to freak out on him. It would have seemed more in keeping with her character. When their cars passed on the street and she jumped out to confront him was terrifically written though-- the emotion on both sides and the flower petals scattered on the wind made for a powerful scene.

2:32 PM  

Blogger Henson Ray said:

I always loved the series...very witty and some of the funniest moments on TV...but for some reason, I had no desire to see the movie...until a couple people said it was a lot of fun...and so I went...and you know what? It WAS a lot of fun...yes, there were liberties taken with product placement and such, but it was a highly entertaining movie and great escapist fare...and isn't that what we go to the movies for? To escape? Especially given the situation our country is currently in. We need more movies like Sex and the City to give us all a little break. IMHO.

2:56 PM  

Blogger joy said:

I'll admit to having a complete UOA (unpopular opinion ahead). While I actually liked the movie - the friendships, mostly - I had fundamental issues with the romance of Carrie and Big.

And I completely disagreed with the ending. I absolutely wouldn't have been as forgiving as Carrie. I dunno if that makes her a bigger person than me, but there you have it.

3:01 PM  

Blogger Petula Wright said:

I don't know about the tambourine in the band... hmm? I remember it at church! LOL!

I must admit that I don't want the show Sex & The City, but I want to see the movie. I was concerned that I wouldn't know what's going on since I don't watch the show.

4:21 PM  

Anonymous jei said:

My God! I'm a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe. Yeah okay, I like the way she dress and how crazy she is when it comes to shoes but what I envy about her is her profession -- a famous columnist in NYC. That would be a dream come true!

5:10 AM  

Blogger Fifi Flowers said:

I LOVED it! Who cares what critics say... the volume of ticket sales... and the DVD sales, once it is released, will say it all!

8:27 PM  

Blogger LaShaunda said:

Loved it :)

I went to the show to see it by myself and had a great time, laughing and crying.

I think it was a perfect ending to the show. Of course I went home and watched the DVDs.

Yes I will be buying the DVD when it goes on sell.

Yes Big made me mad, but we all love a HEA.

11:53 AM  

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