I think the art of matchmaking is one of those things that we all secretly aspire to discover we possess. Okay, maybe it's just me. But I love introducing people and hoping they make a match.

Call me completely and utterly romantic to the bone. This is one romance writer who isn't just satisfied with merely putting characters together on paper. I see a single friend looking for love and that search becomes mine.

It helps to have some credentials in this area, which I do. Wally and Ellen. Still happily married all these years. Kit and Richard. Going on 27 years together. (Obviously I started matchmaking when I was just an infant.)

I don't count the time my boss went home with my Christmas Party date and they ended up matched. I think that was more the fault of too much eggnog.

I suppose that is why I liked writing Felicity Langley's story in LOVE LETTERS FROM A DUKE. She's an unabashed, completely determined, matchmaker. She put Jack and Miranda together in THIS RAKE OF MINE, so she has some credentials as well.

Now it is her turn to make a match for herself--which she has done quite nicely, having nearly gained a betrothal to the Duke of Hollindrake. All she needs is just one Season in London to seal the deal. As with most instances when you put two people that you are convinced will suit together and shake them like a good martini, it makes for an interesting story.

So have you ever made a match? Good match? Bad match? What advice would you have for Felicity to find Tally and Pippin husbands?

Elizabeth Boyle


Blogger Erika said:

I've been on the receiving end of matches...there was the guy who wouldn't talk to me during the date (I made him nervous), the guy who wouldn't eat during the date (I made him nervous), and then there was the guy with the glass eye (he made me nervous).

12:18 PM  

Blogger Elizabeth said:

Erika, you crack me up. I had a date once that was so bad, I told him I had to go to the bathroom and I just went right through the kitchen, out into the alley and kept going. Horrible, I know, but believe me--this guy needed a little shot to the ego.

But the guy that doesn't eat, that sounds good--can you say double the dessert?

2:45 PM  

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