Elvis has left the building--with Emily Ruth Griffin!

Well not really, because Emily Ruth is a fictional ghost. But I'm sure Elvis would have put her straight and made her stop bugging everyone.

In my new book, THE FOREVER SUMMER, the not-so-dearly departed Emily Ruth haunts the local grocery store where the heroine Lila Abbott has worked most of her life. Lucas Griffin is Emily's ex-husband: the last thing he needs is more trouble from Emily Ruth now that she's dead!

Writing THE FOREVER SUMMER reminded me of writing SHE WOKE UP MARRIED.

I love writing a feisty character who just can't seem to stay out of everyone's hair. Also, it reminds me of my favorite old ghost movie, BLYTHE SPIRIT, a movie that was a well-loved stage play for many years. In the movie, the hero is haunted by his beautiful ex when he remarries, then eventually ends up haunted by BOTH women! That's got to be every man's worst nightmare. Nagged unto eternity by all his ex-wives. It's very funny, and the séance scene is my favorite.

I used to love ghost stories when I was young! I read tons of Irish ghost stories and, of course, we all read REBECCA. That whole idea of someone being haunted by even the memory of their last wife came creeping upon me.

But, in real life, the entire idea for this book came from watching a grocery cart roll down the aisle without anyone pushing it. WHAT WAS THAT??

So do we all still love a classic ghost story? THE SIXTH SENSE was great. My son and I just flipped over a movie with Nicole Kidman called THE OTHERS. Was that not just a FABULOUS twist??

Suzanne Macpherson


Blogger jenny gardiner said:

I'm too wimpy to love ghost stories (but I do love yours, Suz!). But the movie Ghost, now that was a ghost story to remember.
I also must admit, I have a deep-seated aversion to shopping carts. Too many years of mundane grocery shopping has gotten the best of me. Perhaps a haunted cart is not such a bad idea after all--it'll mix it up a bit in the produce aisle at least!
I've taken to wearing my iPod when I grocery shop, it helps keep my mind off the fact that I'm bored out of my mind!

6:06 PM  

Blogger Suzanne Macpherson said:

Kind of that Stepford scene where they are all rolling around pushing boxes of Cheerio's in the cart. Best thing they ever invented was Starbucks inside the grocery store!!

9:41 AM  

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