Hey everybody. It's the day before the big Soul Expressions Author Tour and I'm very excited.

I've been running here and there most of the morning doing last minute errands. I did a little bit of shopping too--gotta look good--especially now that Billy Dee Williams is scheduled to join us at the reception being held later in the week. Can you imagine?

My editor Erika has asked me to get her an autograph, so I'm going to do my best. Hopefully, if and when I meet him, I won't have my mouth filled with cookies like I did when the late great Johnny Cochran came strolling into one of my signings!
Too embarrassing!

There are twenty authors on the tour and they write everything from romance to women's fiction to hip hop to inspirational, so we should have something for every reader who comes to see us.

Representing Avon will be Selena Montgomery, Nina Foxx, and moi. We also have a guy touring with us who writes teen romance. I hope he'll be able to handle all that estrogen.

I'm going to close now. Much to do. Avon author Nina Fox will be blogging while we're on the road, so please stop by and see how we're doing. I'll give you all a full report when I return. In the meantime, check the tour schedule to see if we're coming to a WalMart near you.

Thanks and stay blessed.
Beverly Jenkins


Blogger Dyanne said:

Beverly, I know for a fact that you're going to have a great tour. All of the authors are great. But the best thing of all if the infamous stop my heart Billy Dee.

Why don't you just hand him and stack of papers to sign and dole them out?

Have a good tour.


7:01 AM  

Blogger Deatri said:

Hey Beverly,

Y'all are going to have a great time and the readers are in for a treat!

I'm with Dyanne, just hand the man a big ol' stack of papers and a list of who to autograph to. SMILE.

Take care


12:31 PM  

Blogger CapCity said:

Oooooh, wish I could be cloned so i could be at many places at once! Have a Blast, Ms. B! Can't wait to see photos.



3:09 PM  

Anonymous Michele said:

Hi Bev,

I hope you have a ball, sure wish tour was heading to Philly. LOL...

Love ya,

3:24 PM  

Blogger Kathy said:

Hi Ms Bev,

Have a great time meeting all of the Bevlanders and introducing Newbies to your books.

Can't wait to meet you in Oct.
Too bad you all won't be coming closer to Colorado.

Kathy Colo Spgs

9:30 PM  

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