Who wants to go on vacation?

Starting today, Avon is launching a brand new contest.

Free books? No.
Signed cover flats? Nope.
A chat with an author? Not this time.

This time, we're sending you on vacation. And not just any vacation. I'm talking about a trip to a little place I like to call...(screamed in a voice resembling Oprah's "You get a car") THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS!!

Fill out the form for your chance to win and, while you're at it, sign up for one of our newsletters. I'm sure a lot of you get Avon's FROM THE HEART (and if you don't, you should.

There are other great newsletters here at HarperCollins, and they're the perfect way to find out all about upcoming books, contests, and author news.

So what's the deal with this fabulous vacation for two, other than seven nights aboard a fully-crewed yacht? Just check out the announcement in Rachel Gibson's TANGLED UP IN YOU (available today).

The contest runs through October, so be sure to look for announcements in BEYOND SEDUCTION by Stephanie Laurens (September )and SECRETS OF A PROPER LADY by Victoria Alexander (October). Go sign up already! Click here for more info and complete contest rules.

(And to all our friends in Canada, just click through on your flag.) Good luck!