All right. I don't normally read fantasy novels--not because I have anything against them. Most fantasy novels I have read are great, I just don't seek them out. But after hearing good things about Lois McMaster Bujold (and working with her lovely editor), I picked up THE SHARING KNIFE: BEGUILEMENT.

Oh. My. God. You guys. This book is so good. I started it late one night, planning on reading a chapter and going to sleep. 12 chapters and I don't know how many hours later, I literally threw the book across the room--not because it was bad, but because I knew if I didn't get it away from me I was going to stay up all night.

Fawn and Dag are just the most amazing couple and the world they live in has been crafted beautifully by the author. It's completely easy to understand, and everything is explained in a way that makes sense, but isn't heavy-handed. I could go on and on about the world-building, but as a service to you strict romance readers, I will refrain.

It has romance so well done, and lovely, and all the things you want from a book. PLUS, the sequel (THE SHARING KNIFE: LEGACY) is out RIGHT NOW (which I have also read, and loved, and I have now become a total Lois McMaster Bujold pusher).

So. Anyway. The point is, get thee to a bookstore, library, whatever, and read these books. I'm so glad I went outside my regular genre to read it. (Segue...)

What books have ya'll read outside of romance that completely blew you away--especially if they pushed all your romance buttons?


Blogger The Gatekeeper said:

I love fantasy and a good romance mixed in would be my fave. Thanks for the tip. I'm getting the book today.

4:40 PM  

Blogger Gillian said:

Laurie R. King writes the most amazing books; her Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell live the most beautifully understated romance I've ever read. I adore her work.

9:29 PM  

Blogger ~willow~ said:

hi, dropping by via BlogExplosion. Had to delurk to say i usually skip past the romance books, I just have never gotten into that genre... but Lois McMaster Bujold is a (fantasy) author I discovered a few years ago and totally loved, it was slightly jarring to see her mentioned in a romance book area, LoL! Havent looked out for new stuff by her, so thanks for the tip!

A recent discovery that is classified as fantasy but seemed to overlap into romance is Anne Bishop's "Sebastian" and "Belladonna" [a "duology"].

1:36 PM  

Blogger ESI said:

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I'll be sure to check them out.

9:51 AM  

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