This weekend it was about 90 degrees--and with 100% humidity, I spent as little time outside as possible.

Not only was there baseball to watch (they get paid to sweat outside!), there was television. Since TCM was featuring some of my least favorite actors (John Wayne; Glen Ford), I spent a large part of Sunday afternoon watching Jackie, Ethel, and Joan: the Women of Camelot.

I tried to resist! I couldn't. The clothes! The bad Jackie accent. And the sight of "Ethel" insulting people right and left as "Joan" began to hit the bottle.

I vowed I wouldn't get sucked in, and yet I did. That was after completely immersing myself in Confessions of a Matchmaker. It makes you wonder how some people ever get together...or maybe they don't!

It is too much--and check out their website. I found a typo right away in "Patti's tips."