I grew up in a town that was filled with Summer People.

They'd clog up the streets, the stores, and even the restaurants...only to disappear after Labor Day. That's when we'd all heave sighs of relief, knowing we could have our town back. In those days, Rhinebeck, NY wasn't swanky, (it is now!), but it was pretty (it still is!).

Here's the place we used to go and sometimes still do.

It looks the same way it did in the 1970s...and, if you look at the photos, the same way it did in the 1930s! I can't say that the food is wonderful, but I still find Foster's irresistible.

Anyway, this leads me to Suzanne Macpherson's story about summer love, summer people, ghosts, and things you can find in the grocery story:


(You knew there was a book plug in here somewhere!)

My hometown reputedly also has ghosts, lots of them.
But I never saw anything...