Day Two of the Soul Expressions Tour and we've just rolled back to our lovely digs after a twelve-hour day that flew by. Fishers, Anderson, and Indianapolis each played host for our signing blast.

Meeting the readers who can name your titles better than you can is a rush not to be missed. I am loving every minute--especially in the company of such fantastic writers.

However, I'm the Avon newbie at book tours. I think it's critical to recount what I learned today.

Number one: Be prepared. Beverly Jenkins is going to have a very, very long line and this is not a comment on you. Really.

Number two: Be careful. Nina Foxx has a sharp, funny wit and she's not afraid to use it.

Number three: Be ready. Explaining why Sebastian Caine and Kat Lyda (the stars of SECRETS AND LIES) are the hottest, sexiest most dangerous couple to read about--all in fifteen seconds--isn't easy but, eventually, you figure it out.

Oh, yeah! Sharpies are nearly permanent, so be cautious about where you put your hand or your nose.

Tomorrow takes us through Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Michigan City on our way to Chicago. I can't wait!

Your fan,
Selena Montgomery