Weddings, Weddings Everywhere!

So this weekend, I'm heading to my fifth (...or is it the sixth) wedding in the last twelve months. I am now at the age where the weddings and the babies and all those other life events you get to register for are in full swing.

People ( mother) keep asking (...hinting) if this is making me think about getting married myself. And, it's really not. It is making me think about my wedding, though.

I've seen Jewish weddings, Catholic weddings, not at all religious weddings; formal and not so formal; very structured and total free-for-alls.

There are a whole lot of ways to throw a wedding and now I have way too many examples to choose from. All I'm sure of right now is that I plan on having a lot of fun and everyone else can fend for themselves. Luckily for me, that day is a long way off. (Sorry, Mom!)

Besides, as hard as planning a wedding is, it's got to be a whole lot easier than making a marriage least, if your life is anything like these GOOD LITTLE WIVES. I mean, they thought they were set for life but, one little hairdresser and a smoking gun later, life just got a whole lot more interesting.

One last note: I've only been in one of these weddings. My dress was lovely, the bride was a dream, and the wedding was a blast. Nothing like the sea foam green, puffed-sleeved, embroidered disaster of my past.

Spill, ladies. What are your wedding horror stories? Terrible bridesmaid dress? Drunk best man? Inquiring minds want to know!


Anonymous Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said:

I love your template! It is very cute!

7:28 PM  

Blogger Erika Tsang said:

I was in a wedding where the groom went MIA between the ceremony and the reception. Everytime one of the ushers went in search of him, he too disappeared. He finally reappeared 15 minutes prior to the newlyweds introduction, and while they appeared to have a good time during the reception, I had the unfortunate task of driving them to their hotel, and they sat in the back seat and didn't say a word to each other. The marriage lasted less than 2 years...

11:40 AM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

Erika, oh my God! Ever find out what was going on? I had a friend who left her husband before their first anniversary.

Oh, and recently I was at a wedding where one of the groomsmen (25 years old) told me he could do things to me that my husband 'couldn't dream of.' I laughed and said, "Little man, no you couldn't."

11:50 AM  

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