In the seven years since I’ve been at Avon, I’ve developed some habits. For instance, when I get new cover flats, I tack them up on my bulletin board above my desk. When advance copies arrive, I put them on my bookshelf. My inbox is perfectly aligned at the left corner of my desk.

However, with our recent move, there needed to be some changes.

No one can find the titles on my shelf because, apparently, only I understood my system. So, the books are now arranged alphabetically by author (look how neat they are now!)...except I remember where they used to live and I automatically go to a specific shelf.

And, to remind myself what is published for any given month, I used to look up at my bulletin board of cover flats...except I no longer have a bulletin board. But that doesn’t stop me from looking up...

These are the little habits I’ve developed over the years and just automatically perform without thinking about it...which brings me to the topic of automatic buys and reads.

I grew up reading Judith McNaught, Julie Garwood, and Jayne Ann Krentz, and they continue to be automatic reads for me.

What are some of yours?


Blogger Gin said:

Lorraine Heath, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn come to mind. LaVyrle Spencer used to be an automatic read also.

As for automatic habits, I recently rearranged the contents of my desk drawers. Sooner or later I'll stop reaching for the iPod that's no longer in the upper left drawer and wondering where it went to.

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