Dear Clean House,

First off, I would like to commend you for helping the messy, hoarding, dirty-dish-leaving, non-clothes-folding masses lead neater, more sanitary lives. It is a very good deed you are doing.

That being said, I would like to make one thing clear:

Romance Novels Are Not Trash

Really, I promise. See, Romance Novels are things we like to call "books." You may have heard of them? And, last time I checked, "books" are generally considered to be possessions--even prized ones on occasion. Just like those vinyl records that you not only let the other person keep but even built shelves for!

Is it that Romance Novels are cheap? Because, before we came out with our new edition of GLITTER BABY by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, there was definitely a copy going for over $100 on eBay. So, that can't be it...

And, it's not like Romance Novels aren't pretty. I mean, have you seen the cover of A DUKE OF HER OWN, the newest by Eloisa James? That is a gorgeous piece of art.

Yes, Romance Novels have a bad rap, but you're certainly not helping by throwing them out along with the moldy stuffed animals, the cracked plates, and the fraying baby clothes. Would you treat all books this way or is it only the New York Times bestsellers?

Why not build these poor people some shelves and give them a place to display their books? I know that my Romance Novels, color-coded and displayed prominently, add an extra air of beauty to my bookshelves.

Or, are we supposed to be ashamed of improving our minds by extensive reading?

Much as I love all forms of reality tv de-cluttering, I think I'd rather watch aging starlets eat live tarantulas than see anyone desecrate a beautiful Romance Library.


P.S. If you would like some Romance Novel recommendations, I'm sure we could come up with a neatly organized list.


Blogger Kristie Leigh Maguire said:

I'll second that motion! And I'll even start the list of recommendations. Try the ones that I have written. Check'em out at

7:22 PM  

Blogger Dorothy L said:

My mom would be your biggest fan as she lived her life through Harlequin Romance novels.
Now she reads other ones but for years she was strictly an Harlequin junky :)

9:56 PM  

Blogger Fancy said:

Wow. I use to love Clean House but after a certain episode (you mean if you teach sunday school, you can't read Harlquin Blaze?), I only liked it a little.

And then I watched another certain episode (why get the poor mother to put her books (not romance, but can't remember the genre) in the yardsale when she says she reads them to escape? What is wrong with wanting to escape?), I got kinda sad. But that's just me.

'Romance Novels Are Not Trash' <- yup.

3:37 AM  

Blogger J Perry Stone said:

Sing it, Tessa. That's a lot of nerve. Good for you. I hope they hear of this.


8:27 PM  

Blogger Shinade aka Jackie said:

Oh I do wish I had more time for just fun reading Tessa! but, right now if I get a chance to read anything it is about photography or my manual to my camera, lol, trying to figure what I set wrong!
Happy day!!:-)

9:46 AM  

Anonymous Nairobian said:

to some extent i agree that reaching movies, it just depends on what you are reading and how it compares to true life scenarios!

1:15 AM  

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