You know when an author has a series, and there's a secondary character you really really love? And you just can't wait until that character gets his own book? And, then, he does, and it's tragically, horribly bad?

That is so NOT the case with Stephanie Laurens' MASTERED BY LOVE. I know how much her fans, like me (and Tessa--more on that next week), have wanted to read Dalziel's story. Now it's here, the kind of book that you both want to devour in a night and stretch out over many days, just to savor it. Of course, stretching it out is impossible--at least for me, She of No Willpower--so I suggest reading it again; it's just as good the second time. Or the third.

Plus, right now on the Avon website, is an excerpt from Laurens' upcoming new series, "The Black Cobra Quartet". The first book, THE UNTAMED BRIDE, is coming out in the fall, but you can read the first three chapters right now--just CLICK HERE!


Anonymous Terisa Wilcox said:

I love Stephanie Laurens. This sounds like another winner. I will be picking it up as soon as I can. And I will probably have to read it several times because I usually can't put her books down either.

11:15 AM  

Anonymous Diane said:

You will love it, Terisa. I thought it VERY romantic and extemely sensual. The lead characters are very well matched. The cover is HOT and really fits the story.

3:37 PM  

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