Avon Books moved offices last week. It was recently decided that our 9th floor would be turned into a modern conference center and digital area, which meant moving the entire floor--Morrow and Avon editors, along with our respective marketing teams--to the 5th floor.

I would like to share with you some pictures:


Yes, I actually have a bit more desk surface in my new office. But take a look at my view:

Before (that would be the side of St. Patrick’s Cathedral)

After (this would be the side of a brick wall)

Anyway, the move sparked a frenzied cleaning of my bookshelves and I discovered multiple copies of several titles. What to do with them?

Then, I learned about this wonderful organization, Share the Love. They donate romances to “non-profit organizations that provide assistance to women in transitional periods of their lives--homeless and domestic violence shelters, prisons and recovery half-way houses--and that help them establish independent lives.”

I couldn’t be happier that my books will find a new home.


Anonymous Melody Thomas said:

Erika, thanks for sharing the info about the, Share the Love, organization. I am one of those individuals who can never throw away a book. It just seems wrong on soooooo many levels to toss a book in a garbage can. So I am always looking for places to send books. Bummer about that view. Maybe you can put up a nice big poster of a palm tree and sunny beach in that window and you will always feel like you are on vacation when you are working. Nice desk, though.

10:43 AM  

Blogger Erika said:

I thought about the poster idea, but then it'd feel like a dorm room. Plus, I don't want to block whatever natural light happen to find its way in.

11:57 AM  

Blogger D.D. Scott said:

Luvin' the Share the Love program...thanks bunches for the scoop, Erika!

Now...about your new "room with-not-so-great view"...hmmm...I'm thinking you might find a multi-media artist to do something fabulous with glass, metal, or whatever fantastic materials he/she can find and make a piece of art out of it...keeping the natural light element as part of the image created...could be fun and most unique!!!

Sexy, Sassy, Smart New Office Wishes --- D. D. Scott

3:06 PM  

Blogger Gin said:

A moment of silence for your view. On the other hand, will there be an increase in productivity now that there's nothing to stare at?

I hope your books enjoy their new home.

3:21 PM  

Blogger Erika said:

Actually, DD, I was considering hanging sun catchers in every square. I think they'll be pretty.

Yes, Gin, a moment of silence... : )

4:48 PM  

Blogger StaceyC4 said:

Hey, great news about the books, not so great news about your view...I agree with Gin, a moment of silence is in order.

Having done that, I hope that you find something fun and magical to jazz up your new office!

8:19 AM  

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