I was going to blog about the primary, but I haven't had any coffee in two days, so my brain is really not functioning that well. (And, let's be honest. Haven't you gotten enough election coverage?)

I thought I'd tackle the other issue on everyone's mind. No, not Britney Spears (although...wow). The writers' strike.

I have to say, I'm impressed with the writers stick-to-it-ness. This is not an easy thing to do, especially considering how many people's livelihoods are affected (camera operators, stagehands, etc. are all out of work as well). But I have to say, I hope for everyone's sake (not least the Oscars!) that this comes to an end soon.

I need my TV! No more of these cobbled together reality shows--although the disproportionate number of dance shows is making me very happy.

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As many of you are writers, where do you stand? It's a different thing, of course, being the author of a book. Authors are far more closely associated with a book than writers are with a TV show. After all, how many people can name who wrote their favorite episode of TV?

Also, does the cancellation of the Golden Globes change your opinion at all?


Blogger Kathryn S said:

I support the writers, but I miss my shows! However, I'll wait for them to return and meanwhile I'll catch up on my DVD's, my TBR and the book that's due to my editor in Feb. :-)


12:22 AM  

Blogger ESI said:

I miss my shows, too. And I gotta tell ya, "Dance Wars" leaves a lot to be desired.

"catch up on...the book that's due to my editor in Feb" That's what we like to hear!

2:19 PM  

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