EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN by Avon Red author Jess Michaels has been awarded "Year's Best Historical Erotic Romance" from Romance: B(u)y the Book at LifetimeTV.com!

Congratulations, Jess!

2007 "Year's Best" Romance Novels

We can hardly wait for SOMETHING RECKLESS to hit the shelves in April.


Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Aw thanks guys! I was so excited and I can't wait until SOMETHING RECKLESS, either! I love having the countdown toward it!

The cool thing about RECKLESS is that it's the story of Miranda's (from EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN) sister Penelope. So if you liked EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN, you will get to see Miranda and Ethan in SOMETHING RECKLESS. Plus, if you read my novella in the Avon Red launch anthology, PARLOR GAMES, then you'll also notice that you get a glimpse of Arabella and Valentine in SOMETHING RECKLESS.

I've had so much fun creating this little 'world' for my erotic romances. I'm hoping to get to keep revisiting those old characters and expand the world. In fact, I'll be starting my next erotic romance in April and it also will have some cameos from some old favorites! :)

Anyway, thanks again for the congrats! I loved writing Everything Forbidden and the wonderful reaction to it from reviewers and readers has been quite fantastic! :)


1:14 PM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

Yayyyyyeee! Dancing around the office for you, my dear! Congrats -- it's a a distinction that is well deserved.


2:50 PM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Thanks Kate! :)


3:35 PM  

Blogger flchen1 said:

Hooray, Jenna!! What well-deserved recognition! :)

*April's just around the corner...*

6:33 PM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Oh, thanks so much! April IS coming soon! I'm excited. :) There's an excerpt up at http://www.jessmichaels.com, too!


7:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm a big fan of Lifetime/Buy the Book and the lovely "Bellas" and particularly happy to have found Jess Michaels there last year. I loved Everything Forbidden and am really looking forward to Something Reckless in April. No question, Everything Forbidden was the best erotic romance I read last year, historical or otherwise. Real passion and real emotion all in one package.

Congratulations, Jenna/Jess.


11:46 PM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Thanks so much, Lila! That's a wonderful compliment. :)

Jenna/Jess, feeling all blushy!

8:26 AM  

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