Lately, I think that New York City and its environs has gone dog crazy.

Everywhere I go, I see dogs of all shapes and sizes. And don't think that because people in NYC live in apartments that it stops them from having big dogs. Oh no, I've seen Akitas, Border Collies, St Bernards, Lab and Golden Retrievers, and a huge brown and black breed that I haven't figured out yet.

This all leads me to Elaine Fox's newest contemporary HELLO, DOGGY! Here a Golden Doodle brings together a shy psychologist and an advice columnist.

He (the advice columnist) has been recently stuck dog-sitting his mother's pooch, who is charmingly named Barbra Streisand. It's delightful, and perfect for perking you up from any post-holiday letdown you might be feeling. (I know I'm feeling some!)

I don't know what these dogs are doing every day. I feel sort of bad for them all cooped up. I also see doggies--these are quite different from dogs. Doggies are small, cute, and are often seen sporting bows and/or pink sweaters. Sometimes they seem embarrassed about this, but not always.

Then there are Jack Russell Terriers--neither dog nor doggie, but I'll bet there are some chewed up sofas all around town.

I don't think I could ever own a dog where I live (an apartment), though I love dogs. My favorite breed is the Border Collie, and I truly don't think you can own one without also owning about four acres of land and some sheep. In my neighborhood there is a time of day that I call "the dog hour." Beginning around six pm there is a parade of dogs large and small, many of them dressed in little sweaters. I swear I have occasionally even seen dogs in booties!


Blogger threecollie said:

Good call on the border collies. I can't imagine owning one in town unless you had time for fly ball or agility. We have three (my favorites too) but we have the acres and the sheep (and cows) to keep them busy. I will look for this book as it sounds like one I would enjoy.

7:11 AM  

Blogger LuciaMacro said:

If you like doggies, Elaine Fox has many books about them. So, if you enjoy this one, you might get one of those, too, like BEWARE OF DOUG. Have fun!

12:25 PM  

Blogger Dana Diamond said:

We tried those stinkin' booties when we took our Min-Pin to the snow.

(G-d forbid her little tootsies freeze off while she did her business.)

It was like sticking tape to her feet.

Poor baby danced around like Baryshnikov 'til we finally took those suckers off.

I'll look for the book. Thanks for the tip.

:) d

12:29 PM  

Blogger Chari-Dee said:

I ordered this one today. I've loved her other "dog" books, and have high hopes for this one. Love the cover at any rate.

11:15 PM  

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