We love it when our authors get creative about their promotions. We've seen everything from gigantic chocolate bars emblazoned with their names, cookies with cover art, cds with a "soundtrak" for the book, and even short movies inspired by their work.

None of this is required but we definitely get a kick out of it all. Not only does it show another side of the authors' creativity, but it's also pretty darn entertaining.

And speaking of entertaining, there is always plenty of fun to be found on Romance Novel TV. Right now, we think you should head right over there and check out this "Making Of" featurette that Julianne MacLean put together on her trailer for


Once you take a look at the featurette, I'm sure you'll run out to buy the book (if you haven't already). In it, our hero has a deadline: he's got to marry by Christmas. If anyone out there really has this sort of deadline, well, I hope they have someone in mind because they've only got just about two weeks.

For some of us there's are even bigger troubles--we haven't bought a single gift, the cat's gotten into the tree, and the cookies are burning, but it's all part of the season...and when it all gets to be too much, you can escape with IN MY WILDEST FANTASIES.