Celebrating the Aussie Male by Denise Rossetti

There's something about Australian men that's tough and laconic and just oh-so-fine. So when I had the chance to create a home-grown Aussie hero for my story in A RED HOT NEW YEAR, I grabbed it with both hands. So to speak.

Sam Jones is my homage to the Australian male, a wonderful combination of all those gorgeous blokes from Down Under. (Hugh Jackman, David Wenham, Heath Ledger, Russell Crowe.) With a dash of Sam's swashbuckling namesake, Indiana Jones, thrown in for good measure. Oh yes, and he has ocean eyes. *sigh*

On reflection--and let's face it, I reflect about men reasonably frequently--I think the best kept secret about the Australian male is Aussie Rules football. "AFL", as it's called, is a running game that requires great strength and extraordinary feats of athleticism. These guys are the modern equivalent of the Spartan 300. Warriors. Not only do they have to leap incredibly high for the ball and fight off tacklers at the same time, they also run an average distance equivalent to a half-marathon in every game.

They are, quite literally, beautiful. Which is easy to see, as they don't wear helmets or protective gear, just sleeveless jerseys and very short shorts. Oh, and I think boots and socks come into it somewhere.

I'm absolutely certain Sam Jones grew up playing Aussie Rules and that he was very, very good at it.

In COMING ON STRONG, Sam's laid-back charm and deep Aussie drawl fail him for the very first time--when he flies to Miami for the wedding of an old friend. One look at Gina and he's in way over his head. She's the most skittish woman he's ever met--and the most intriguing. Making love with her is an experience that makes Sam's eyes roll back in his head but she won't do it with the light on. Then there's that sexy little growl in the back of her throat when she comes, and she's so strong...

By the way, if you're wondering about David Wenham...Here in Oz, I've heard him described as "the thinking woman's crumpet". Which isn't strictly translatable, but you get the idea, I'm sure. (He was Faramir in LORD OF THE RINGS and Dilios in 300.)

Oh, Aussie men really do speak like Sam Jones. Honest, darl, they do. ;-)

Denise Rossetti


Blogger Jane said:

Don't forget Eric Bana and Alex O'Loughlin(from the CBS show, Moonlight.)

5:46 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

No Denise, Please don't go mixing football players in the same sentance as hero's. I can't suspend belief that much! This weekend one got into trouble for tormenting endangered wildlife - quoll swung over his head like a lasoo. They're drunks or druggies and burp and fart in public! Nothing like the spartans who were god-fearing, disciplined machines.
It's distressing enough that they vote and breed.

8:11 AM  

Anonymous Chris Kogel said:

And I thought David Wenham was a kiwi and Russel Crowe is definately one ;-) Lovely post Denise. And you're right Downunder is full of studly men...

11:18 AM  

Blogger Anna Campbell said:

Denise, congratulations on your new story hitting the shelves! And isn't that a gorgeous cover? So sexy, but classy too! Love the post. But then as a fellow Aussie, of course I would! Good stuff, my friend!

2:06 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


There is nothing more stimulating than reading about the effect an Aussie male has on romance readers. I’ve noticed it myself; people throw lacy smalls. The way Aussies wrap a tongue around an ice cream is the stuff of dreams.

David Wenham can draw a crowd and needs to stay sharp on Miami assignments what with all the room keys flying his way. If only all those Florida girls knew; they still call him Diver Dan down under.

Great post Denise --- Love the cover and I promise to explore the inside very soon.

(Thank you)


2:48 PM  

Blogger Christine Wells said:

Magnificent post, Denise! Ahh, the Aussie male can be a very fine specimen--and none finer than your gorgeous Sam. Congratulations on the release of A Red Hot New Year!

I LOVED Diver Dan (Wenham) and I never realized Eric Bana could be sexy until I saw Troy. Mmm. Thanks for all those great images, Denise!

3:58 PM  

Blogger Trish Milburn said:

I LOVE David Wenham, especially as Faramir. He was my favorite LOTR hero. Oh, dreamy sigh.

And Christine, I totally agree with the reference to Eric Bana in Troy. That scene when he's putting on his armor. Oh, my. Excuse me while I go fan myself.

I like Alex O'Loughlin too -- didn't realize until recently that he was an Aussie. They certainly grow them hunky down there. :)

5:49 PM  

Blogger RobynGrady said:

Did someone mention "300". Sigh. Pity we can't claim Gerry Butler as an Aussie, but Hugh Jackson is just as fine. Should see him shaking his stuff on stage as Peter Allan. :Robbie fans herself:

Mega Congrats, Denise, on Red Hot New Year!!! I know it'll sell through the roof.

Robbie x

6:00 PM  

Blogger Caren Crane said:

Denise, I cannot wait to get my hands on A Red Hot New Year. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a red hot Aussie, either, but the dh objects. *g*

Actually, it's a little known fact--and one I've not shared with the Romance Bandits that when I was about 10 an Australian cattle farmer asked my mother to marry him. The silly woman didn't want to uproot the 5 of us kids and move to Australia. We were all livid! I could have grown up thinking Nutella was a health food! *g*

Plus, I could hang out with you and Anna Campbell and Christine Wells. Humph!

7:39 PM  

Blogger Meagan Hatfield said:

Hey Denise,

I must say, I am huge Hugh Jackman stalker...er, I mean fan. *grins*
And my dh already knows the rules...if we get divorced, I am moving to Oz! LOL!

Major congrats on the book and on yummy Sam. :-)

Hugs and luv, lady!!

7:45 PM  

Blogger Stephanie said:

Those eyes that and they're manly manes who couldn't enjoy ogling those yummy Aussie men!!

Great Post Denise and can't wait to read your next Aussie stud! In the meantime here comes Sam~~

7:54 PM  

Blogger Denise Rossetti said:

Hey everyone, thanks for dropping by to say g'day!

And yes, Chris K., I confess, I let Rusty sneak in there. But David Wenham is a true blue Aussie. I checked Wikipedia. *g* And if you're wondering about the references to Diver Dan, that was the name of his character in Seachange, an Australian TV series. It brought him to the attention of Australian women in a Big Way. ;-)

8:30 PM  

Blogger Denise Rossetti said:

Caren, I'm going to say this very firmly - not everyone in Oz is as crazy about Nutella as Anna Campbell. Me, for instance. *grin*

But wotta shame you didn't come to live here. Never mind, come for a visit and Anna, Christine and I will show you a Good Time, we promise. heh heh

8:33 PM  

Blogger Denise Rossetti said:

Yes, it's sad isn't it, that there have to be jerks/idiots in every walk of life? But equally, there are some wonderful role models among sportsmen.

Not only are they are gorgeous eye candy, they work with sick children, raise money for charities like breast cancer research etc etc. I admire those men tremendously, everything single thing about them. Especially the short shorts.

8:37 PM  

Blogger Willsin Rowe said:

Oh, listen to you all! Hugh Jackman? Really, I mean, apart from LOOKS, TALENT, CHARISMA, MONEY, A HEINOUSLY GOOD BODY, SENSITIVITY AND MANNERS...what's HE got that I haven't got?

And anyway, I have it on good authority that his surname is a VERB as well as a NOUN! If'n yez know what I mean...

Please understand that none of the above arises out of jealousy. Of course not! I mean, I'm an Aussie male too, after all...therefore I choose to bask in the reflected glory of all the aforementioned Aussie blokes. Even Huge...sorry, I meant Hugh...

9:42 PM  

Blogger Helen said:

Hi Denise
I agree I love Aussie men especially Hugh Jackman and some of those AFL players are tops and Sam sounds wonderful a real Aussie make I am really looking forward to reading this story.
Have Fun

10:00 PM  

Blogger Anna Sugden said:

Hey Denise - another Bandita checking in ... and what a fabulously delicious post. Love Aussie males - Bryan Brown in A Town Like Alice *sigh*. That bloke who used to be in Flying Doctors (loved that series!). Hugh, of course. And I have a bit of a soft spot for Craig Maclachlan's twinkle (just don't let him sing!)

Don't know about the footie players but you have some pretty fit ruby players (shh - this Brit didn't say that ;))

10:51 PM  

Blogger Helen said:

Anna I think the bloke from Flying Doctors was that Andrew McFarlane and he was a real dish and I too like Bryon Brown.
Have Fun

12:19 AM  

Blogger Authorness said:

Congratulations on your new release, Denise! Very exciting. I can't wait to meet Sam. :)


5:43 PM  

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