Greetings! Diana Mercury here.

I have come to tell you stories. Passionate. Romantic. Sexual. Unabashedly erotic stories.

Last year, suddenly and unexpectedly, I became a widow. And a single mom. Without my husband, the construction business that sustained us financially was no more.

After lots of praying and soul-searching, I began to feel a conviction that the writing I had pursued as a sideline was my best shot at a career I could be passionate about. For the first time, I had to think seriously about writing not only what I loved, but what was selling. What was selling, my agent said, was erotica and vampires.

Vampires? Well, I’ll try anything once. (I’m mulling it over) But erotica, well...that was easy. I had lots of ideas.

There was one I found particularly intriguing. Years ago, I had read an article in Marie Claire (or was it Elle?) about a remote society in the Himalayas where a woman might marry not only one man, but all his brothers as well! There were photos of a sweet young wife with a Mona Lisa smile, decked out in colorful jewelry, and her array of handsome husbands.

I got to thinking about what it would be like if a young American woman married into such a society. What would the sex be like? What about rivalries between the brothers? And what if she fell in love with one of the men in particular?

I began to write the story that had percolated in my imagination for so long. The young woman in my novel is an ambitious American anthropologist looking for passage to a lost valley. What she finds is way beyond her expectations.

I prepared a sexy proposal for that story, as well as proposals for several other books, including a mystery, a romantic suspense novel, and a Jane Austen inspired contemporary. Guess which one sold first?

The erotic story of a young woman juggling several hot husbands will be coming out in the future for Avon Red. (Please stay tuned for details.) In the meantime, I am blessed to be part of A RED HOT NEW YEAR along with the talented writers Cynthia Eden, Virginia Reede, and Denise Rosetti. All the stories in this anthology are fast and hot, just like Mercury. You can trust me on that. Thanks for reading.

Diana Mercury